Possible fix 4 long waiting times for war sign up

Some factions seem to have a problem getting enough players for battles or have extra long Waits, I have what may be a fix for this in mind if it can be done. What I am thinking is if a faction can get a minimum number of players on but gets stuck and waits for let’s say an hour at least and can’t fill the roster we can give them an option to buy into the fight. I’m thinking the currency could be faction assault tickets since the whole faction earns them.

And thinking out this could work, I would say that if a faction can get 5 of its eight players or 4 of its six players depending on the type of battle and gets stuck waiting for an hour with no other players joining in then the player and only the player that initiated the battle can opt to spend a certain number of assault tickets to fill each vacant space and get into the wars.

Now each vacant space should be considered a robot that has to be taken out like any other non present player in the fight and I would say give each robot a strength of about 2/3 of the strongest player in that faction that is actually signed up for the fight.

Now ask for numbers allowed to be purchased I would say no more than 3 for an eighth man War or two for the six man and for each robot needed charge 25 faction assault tickets. And like I said I believe it should be faction assault tickets because the whole faction has to earn them.

I truly do believe this would get more battles in for everyone, and since it cost faction assault tickets to get these robots it may motivate more players to get off their Duff and get involved.

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