Possible Bug with Stun&Focus gun

There have been reports about Pete reviving in weird circunstances. I’ve noticed this myself today.

The enemy Pete had a stun&focus gun. I taunted Pete with Doc round 1 and rushed him twice with Aarav, no regular attack on Pete before however. Pete barely survived and used his rush when my move was done.

I see two possible bugs here. The focus triggering on a rush attack and then that the weapon focus overrides the taunt, which was applied beforehand.

It’s possible Pete had a mod on his gun that gives him a chance to remove any negative debuff every turn.

This is a big one that easily gets overlooked. Cleanse removes a negative status effect at the start of their turn. Possibly this was in play and removed the taunt.

@docmatix you said you used Doc against Pete, did you also impair him or did only the taunt take and the impair was resisted?

The biggest problem imo is the way the effects are displayed. You’ll see something active in the bubble (or not see) and attack a certain direction assuming heal reduction/stun/etc is in effect. Many times they still show even after being cleansed or removed. If they are going to continue to create all these new effects on weapons and toons, there needs to be a better way for us to visually see what is going on.


If I’m not mistaken, focus ignores stun, impair and taunt?

The real ball kicker is when your opponent’s team has NO focus, NO elusive, NO cleanse of any kind…and the opponents you have taunted, stunned or impaired (and are clearly debilitated so according to their respective symbols)… can still fire off their ARs and ASs…

#FixYourGame #ScopelydAgain

It actually prevents any forced action, taunt and confuse, the characters under focus could have the taunt/confuse icons on it but it will be ignored for 2 turns, if taunt/confuse effect lasts more than 2 turns he will be affected after focus is over.
Take in consideration wepow effects and mods set up, if a character have impair/stun resistance mods with an active focus/stun wepow…it could be tricky to stop him to trigger his ar…in this case my suggestion is having -Ap mods to try to slow him down a bit.

If you can recreate and get video, I really need this on video.

But, just a quick correction: the first would be a bug; Aarav’s rush should not trigger the weapon effect. The second is not a bug. It doesn’t matter if taunt came first - if he gets focus before his turn, it overrides the taunt.

But, again, I really need this on video.

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Focus does not override stun or impair. It does override taunt and confuse and also allows them to target any enemy if a human shield is shielding.

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Thanks for the clarification. However, if that is the case, then all the Christa’s I’ve come across for the past few months - who have no special debuff weapons or mods or teammates helping her - and STILL trigger both AR and AS while stunned…are glitched!

Get me video and I’ll submit it as a bug. I’ve never seen it happen, so I need to see it before I pass it on.

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