Possible bug with leagues?

In one of my alternate regions I have this in my inbox:

When I press the button to “go to region” it sends me to that region but there are no coins, and no inbox message with coins in said region.

Lol delete this thread before they see it.

Why, nothing happens… I don’t gain any coins.

Unclaimable coins, such an exploit!

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When you are active in multiple regions and get rewards for league stretches you can only claim the coins from your highest region. I take it your main account is in Cobb. Did you already claim your coins and tokens in Cobb on Monday?

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The Problem is that, he is probably in a better league on that Server than in Cobb
I have same Problem, my first account is in Platinum league but finished 33th, and my second account is Gold but finished 11th. I cannot get the 640 Gold from my first Server, I can only get the 540 from my second

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