Possible Buff to Reflect Damage?


Right now reflect damage is decently weak in the meta. Oftentimes it’s just charges the enemy’s AR. How about reflect damage actually reflecting other weapon status effect? For example, if an enemy had a green stun weapon that stunned a character with a reflect weapon, both that character and their attacker would be stunned. This could even proc when attacking. Let’s say your toon with the reflect weapon hits gets stunned by a stun gun, they would also proc stun on the one carrying the stun gun. Does this sound like a good buff, or possibly worse?


Interesting :thinking: or it could reflect without getting stunned.


Yeah that may be better. Maybe putting it more on par with something like absolute defense


This community hates changes, won’t happen.


Well they need to up ot too 100% there was a bug imparently where splash damage was doing 100% instead of 80% I think they should up it to, 100% as a buff as this would make them viable yes I know this about reflect but splash damage on weapons is also crap and not viable currently like reflect


Let it Work in Adrenaline rushes and the Enemy Kills himself :joy::joy:


Awesome idea @LoneRogue! I’ve thought about a similar idea.

Could perhaps change to DEFLECT damage/status’s. Whilst not affecting the attacker, there would be a chance to deflect half the damage dealt and also a chance to deflect/avoid being stunned, confused, impaired or de-buffed.


Reflect was bound to be one of the weakest, if not the weakest, trait mods available. With this buff it’d be quite damn strong i must say.


That’s also an interesting possibility. Would also make it more viable.