Possible arenas scores?

Any idea how this top score is achievable.

Check his Division. May keep in D1/2 to easily win Arenas and get 3 gold tickets per Arena. Great way from Scopely to reward active people. Most of the time its people in Platinum who win Champions Arena for that reason.

Such a travesty the way arenas are ran.

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No wonder when war comes you find lots of people who take a free ride. They benefit from active people who get them better rewards and they can keep in low divisions to easily farm rings. Cant understand why this system isn’t on the PCs agenda to be changed.

In endurance arena more entries = more points. So he simply used a lot of coins to buy entries.

From a F2P point of view I have hit big scores like this myself.

Step 1 - Hoard Tickets, the silver ones, just let them suckers build up
Step 2 - While hoarding tickets, drop down in leagues, to say Platinum 2 or even 1
Step 3 - wait for a championship final that suits you - I personally have a good 5 star team so I wait for the final to be old School
Step 4 - When the timing is right, spend them tickets! On endurance, in the Domination I may spend 1 ticket if i got some bad luck in RNG on the ticket, but in endurance you can use multiple tickets to get a points boost over multiple entries. The more battles you do the more silver tickets you will collect for even more entries, keep on burning them.
Step 5- Win some arena’s! Get gold tickets, you will also pick-up some gold tickets free anyway simply from the amount of entries you are doing and hitting milestones
Step 6 - Cant take the gold tickets with you - spend em all! Points boost first entry, then you have a tricky decision as to weather you points boost your second, or just do a whole lot of single entries, depends on how many tickets you won, and how other players seem to be scoring, very situational.

So for me, its a planned out thing built up over multiple weeks.

Doesn’t work if you’re going for elf hats though.

Spending coins after the 1st ticket if they don’t have anymore tickets

There was only 1 person that coined according to the multiplier. And I still think it would take an ass load of gold tickets to get that high of a score

Looking at score more than 1 was coining you must be misunderstanding how it works.

I farmed.for a few.weeks
then this event started so spammed them

in diamond now, a bit annoying lol

Like that?

That means next coin entry the rewards go up not their has been one coin entry…

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