Possibility to store more messages in servers?


Currently the amount of messages that get stored in a server seems to kind of low and not always the same. Is it possible to increase this number? @kalishane


Last I knew the limit was 300. If you hit 300 you just wouldn’t get any more messages.

Someone could pm you and it would never come. Kind of like if your voicemail is full on a phone.

I also thought the messages get deleted after 6 months so that is probably why you said the max Number of messages in not always the same.


bro, almost 2 months later, lol. I also think Jaxxyyy may be talking about global chat or faction chat messages, because when you reach the top it says no more messages available from server. Not too sure because it wasn’t elaborated if they meant PM in their inbox or GC and FC messages in chat. I don’t know anyone that would keep 300 messages in their inbox, and for what reason?


Ahh ur right I think they’re asking about fc and gc. I thought I had some good info to share.

Lol & I did at least check to see if jaxy was active before I rezzed this thread.