Possibility to reset mods

Ok, i don’t know if someone has already make this proposition, but what about being able to reset the mods ? I mean, it’s really frustrating to finally win a goldy attack attack mod and seeing it nerf at 400… so just like weapons, it would be nice to use some stuff to reset them and pray to be more lucky (sorry for my english…)

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You could always search to see if someone else suggested it!
Anyways mods are not weapons and weapons are not mods. Resetting mods would be a waste of scraps because the outcomes are predetermined.

White it is completely true that the final results are baked into the mod the second you receive it they could do an actual reset for a fee where they reset and re-roll the mods stats.

They like money so I don’t see how this would hurt them. No guarantee that the reset would result in higher stats. You could just as easily get a worse outcome meanwhile they would make some of the players happy and make a few extra bucks as well.

Win-win. Oh wait, scipley doesn’t like the part of that where the players win too.

Just think about this, all the whales and top notch players can also reset. Resetting would be a bad idea imo. People would all have perfect mods. It does suck to get bad upgrades i agree. But mods are offered quite regularly. I cant imagine all the perfect stun, confuse, impair resist, 650 def, 650 hp, defense set…yes alot have great mods. But it comes with time.

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