Positivity makes the world go 'round


So, I am a fan of this game. I’m a fan of the Walking Dead mythos and everything Walking Dead. I love this game and I feel I contribute to the forums whenever possible. However, I have been looking at the forums lately and I am depressed when looking at them. Very little are there any topics about positive stories from the game. And so, I want to provide a place where we can all post some positive topics, stories, events, moments…situations that bring back to light why we play this game and why we continue to stay. So, here’s mine.

My girlfriend thinks I play the game too much. Farming for Dwight became a month-long event. She thinks we’re never going to get married. So, I wanna tell you guys first that come this Xmas eve, I’m going to ask her to marry me. Real talk. No games (pun intended).

What’s your good story?


You can use all the money you havent spent on the game to buy the ring. Your girl should thank scopely for giving bad rewards to get her a nice ring


We are playing this game to take our mind off what’s going on in the real world bud … when you grow up you will understand… this forum is meant to for us to voice our concerns , report bugs , tell the devs what they are doing wrong and right . If your looking for a fairy tale of unicorns and rainbows this isn’t the spot … maybe try mocospace👍


Already done dude. They get it sized in a few days.


Holy crap dude I can relate #realtalk


I’m almost at player level 125. Yay yippy. That’s my good story.


Congratulations to you!


God forbid there be one damn positive post on this damn forum. ■■■■■■■■ to one of the hundreds of other posts you twat tickle.


Say what