Positive war review


I think this war has been a vast improvement from what we have seen recently.

The prizes are very good, easily the best we’ve had in months. I like the new prize structure as well. Separate rewards for the top 5 will increase competition for those places.

The war can drop rates has been increased. I use at least 1 can per match and yet I am up over 20 cans from what I started with.

6v6 has been a blessing in disguise. The last 6v6 was a disaster and I was expecting much of the same again this weekend. But lots of people are busy with the run up to Xmas and we struggled to fill during the early mornings so the problem would have been much worse with 8v8.

My only 2 complaints are crashes and matchmaking. My game has crashed a few times this weekend just as I am finishing off an opponent.
The matchmaking seems to be a bit screwed as well. I went up against the same faction 6 times in a row Saturday night. It was great for us but not so good for the poor faction that we kept matching.

But overall, a vast improvement. Thanks Scopely. More of the same please :slight_smile:

EDIT: also, removing world cans is very bad. Please add again fir the next war.

New War feature: Simultaneously 6v6 and 8v8 wars

Very helpful comments Alex. I concur on the can drops, the matchmaking has been good overall, however the 6v6 sucks for any faction that has lots of active members


How about they fix the damn milestone point tracker then we’ll talk about improvements.


Match making has constantly put my faction level 30 with level 9-5 thus we have not been able to score any points a side from taking towers. Our highest score was 1500 total.

It’s been a complete wash and out of the 6 wars so far not a single match we can even start. Whole faction stopped signing up for wars as a result.

Ever since they changed the wait times it put my faction against high levels. At the very least it would be helpful to give a handicap so a team can compete.


Prizes, yes much improved.

Expanded placement, yes much improved.

Match making, very inconsistent. Somehow went 3 in a row with the same, while others were available. But in either case was keeps flowing

6v6, frustrating but saves on cans to clear so in fine with it.

Can drop rate, sake as always, but 6v6 tends to make it easier to save a few here or there.


I havent had any good experience from it, alot of matches are weak factions vs overpower factions so cant even reach the personal milestones, alot of the players in reserves and yes we have more war cans but in 6v6 most of the time you use it, and 6 seconds later the battle is over. So no point in buying cans.


The only positives for me have been >lag isn’t absolute hell, and chat hasn’t broken.
That’s it. Matchups are shitty as they have been for the last year or so, (but that’s cool ordered myself another game to play, less time to war and end up being frustrated to hell)


They don’t effect the wait times and 1500 was my lowest in a war so sounds like your faction don’t give a shit anymore.


Nothing calling one good war in 2 years an improvement, Smh.

I’ll call it an improvement when this becomes the norm/consistent.

Let me clarify… Good war prizes… Otherwise meh.


Prizes suck for p2p. Scopley loses its spenders, will it survive?
Do i think prizes for lower f2p should of been increased somewhat.
But in any competition the better you place, the better the prize.
Competition lies in teamwork N wallet size. Cant win a war solo thou…
That being said all the p2p and f2p people need to get over it.
1-3 should get awesome prizes. First being best N so forth. To last being 1 k prestige tokens.
Prizes suck horribly


We actually seem to be matching quicker, which is awesome! It started slow but now we are only waiting 15-20 mins per match, unlike last few region wars where it was 40 mins to an hour wait.

All thumbs up from our faction :slight_smile:


War’s so boring… That’s a positive review.


Consistency is key.

Let’s be real.

Each time an event has good prizes, people are quick to praise. Don’t get me wrong, sure they deserve credit where due. But people seem to conveniently forget that every time $copely moves in the right direction for once and gets praised, they take 10 damn steps backwards in the next couple tourneys with garbage prizes. It’s as if commending them is a signal for them to fuck things up.

Until this kind of rewards is CONSISTENT, they don’t deserve actual praise.


The matchmaking has been shocking. We have repeated streaks of fighting a faction we can not realistically hope to beat. Its fine that we have to war them but multiple times we had to face them back to back to back which is discouraging to say the least. At least give us a different faction in between fighting the dominant faction so we have a chance to enjoy war. We seem to have been the designated whipping faction for the region heavyweights this war and all its done is discourage our players from wanting to war as the majority know they cant beat even the easier members of the number 1 faction.


not a huge fan of 6v6

drops have seemed more consistent

prizes are better

lag at load/join war screen is still abysmal.

towers not crazy OP, but meh. Its towers you deal with it.




My faction is been match with stronger factions only, even though we are 9-11th place , so we loose 100% of the time whoever likes this new system just wait until people get tired of losing every match.

Think of the health of the region over your own faction.


Yes prizes were a great improvement, milestones weren’t great not sure why we can’t get benidict, Ulysses, and a lilth for milestones every war. Everyone needs so many of them not like it’s game breaking. I dislike 6 on 6 it’s good for slow times but for active factions not great. My biggest upset tho is taking away world cans. This looks like a huge money grab on scopelys part. Daily roadmaps, and unfortunately looks like they aren’t going to keep our regular gear maps. We have already done the math on that. This is a very big statement from Scopley imo. Starving world cans which many get from war right after adding daily gear map with next to none drops along with daily farming and these holiday maps. It would be nice to get an official answer on why they are taking our basic way to earn world cans away. Yes they show up in depot. But if u farm like myself then world cans are huge. Even purchasing them I still run short. …overall I give war 7 out of 10 compared to previous months


Damn war can drop was good, +20 in the weekend. Don’t change anything please.


Well said, Alex. Thanks for this.