Positive Feedback: Arenas

There’s plenty of criticism around here but I’ve got to say - I really like arenas.

When they were announced, I figured it was going to be a p2w event - because you needed to buy tickets to play. Having one free ticket for each arena and having them drop fairly regularly in other events, though, has proven me wrong there. Also, Domination as a scoring mode means that you don’t need to sink a load of tickets to get decent rewards. Despite all the complaints about RNG, I think this is actually a positive thing for non-spenders.

The variety of styles of play is refreshing too. Old School is a retro breath of fresh air, Draft is an amusing look at how the other half live and the other modes each provide their own challenges. It’s an area of the game where you actually need to think a little about your choices - which is a welcome break from the usual grind.

My one complaint (besides known issues/bugs) is that the Champion’s Arena is totally pay to win. Spenders already have a major advantage in classic arenas by virtue of having stronger rosters. They don’t need the additional help of being able to buy additional entries. But it is what it is.

Anyhow - despite teething problems, it’s the one area of the game that I consistently look forward to and which has been rewarding even as F2P. On the whole, well done for proving me wrong.


Yes its the only time RNG has favoured us f2p and levelled the playing field somewhat with the rest of spender playerbase.

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Nothing fun about an event where you spend ten tickets and can’t catch the top scorer who might have gotten it on first try. Rng is the worst.

Given that I tend to play once, I see it differently. It’s fun having an event where your first try might be good enough to win.

Your problem here, as I see it, is that you’re spending ten tickets.


The thing is here its worse for everyone so with some luck and good game skills f2p can still do good in Domination, Endurance is just straight p2w.

Yes 10 tickets is too much for Domination.

Meh, I’ve kind of given up. Was just using them because five star arena is so easy. Just pretty stupid to make a game mode solely dependent on rng. But then again, everything else in this game is kinda stupid atm.


Its really good :smirk: lots of balance

It’s pretty stupid to make a game mode solely dependent on how much time and money people plough into it. That’s how most of the modes work though.

But hey, if you don’t like arenas, I respect that. To each their own.

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It’s more worst when you waste your last ticket on getting your ass beat by ■■■■■■■ double revives and decap. I swear. You can’t put a hole in double or triple revives unless you have decap, taunt or a good impair.

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