Position of your toons in groups changes fight?

So, is it true that where you place your toons in a particular group has an effect on your fighting? I run across this statement from time to time but haven’t found any explanation of how it might actually work.


I know personally I don’t place 2 of the same color beside each other if I can help it. Say I run Green lead and have 2 other green and 2 yellow on the team, I’ll make sure it’s yellow/green beside each other because if the same colors are together it makes the team overall weaker to stronger trait attacks. Say the enemy had a strong green line hitter, if the yellows were together in a line it could potentially knock them both out vs having yellow and green in the line and only 1 yellow getting killed and the green taking small damage.


Char placement has no effect on attack order. The only reason I can think of is to avoid collateral damage from the attackers line damage attacks.

It used to matter more when attack order was a thing or when dual shields were being used, but none of those are really the case anymore.

Actually, after you say it, duh! Thanks. Defense!

i can usually beat most similiar ranked teams by calculating whitch spot is most effective…although i cant put a toon with an often used active in the second spot beacause it doesnt like to work…wants to auto fight instead…but the back two corners seem to be targeted alot…especially by shivas and confuse toons

the AI seems to target the toon its stronger than…trait wise

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The only reason why I do this is this annoying effect that Weapons are Sometimes in the foreground and cover a characters Face.

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Na verdade o posicionamento dos personagens ajuda muito no ataque e na defesa

Thanks very much. Then there is this

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It was made for a reason I don’t understand. Anybody?

@CombatMan is there any significance to team order, or does it not matter. i.e no specific stratigic function involved in toon placement?

Nooooooo !!! Often answered, easy to find.

yeah i found it and yes it does matter…attack order is random for the AI, but im referring to my own team placement for better results.

If you are manually running your team I don’t think the setup would matter. I’m pretty sure they’re that there’s an order for placement for some kind of action maybe from a command for instance. Unless you are telling me that a command character will command another character out of placement now where before you head to place the command character after the fast rushing character

Only for first turn of every wave if you auto. Uses the character icons in combat positioning, which is 2, 3, 1, 4, 5.

Thank you. How did you know this?

I test the game, and spoke with @CombatDevIl who verified that that’s how it’s programmed.

Much appreciated. So in the end, position of your toons isn’t much of a big deal except for autofighting, first turn, every wave. Interesting!

thank you again!

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