Popular Question: After War, are you going to quit the game, or continue playing?


So, will you quit, or continue playing this game?


I’ll still play until I’m tired of it. Kinda am, but I’ll give it a go.


Insert this question after every single war ever. The game is alive and well.


Honestly, I would be REALLY surprised if people who were committed enough to play the game and join this forum would quit the game altogether post war.

Yes this war sucked, our leaderboard is a bad joke. But I am not going to throwdown over it.

If the company does not FIX this issue that has been highlighted in many, many threads, then maybe I will reconsider in the future.

I honestly do believe a LOT of the staff on the RTS team want to make the game work.


I believe they do want it to work but don’t know how to properly implement this, every attempt comes out broken,people are leaving everyday in our region but its not due to this war its because of the accumulation of bugs and perceived lack of inaction i know for a fact this is the closest ive come to quitting ,and so many are its very much a game of chicken at the moment, and scopley are continuing to accelerate towards us, and were thinking of jumping out the way


Every time the war screwed us over, the idea of “quitting” surely crossed many people’s mind. Wish such action can be taken so effortlessly as Scopely officials ignore our problems.


Trust me its crossed my mind also. Actions will make them change, not threats.


Call down boy. I was just asking a question, and you reply with a douchebag response wtf?! I never said I was quitting, so you piss off with all that bs. If you don’t like it, then why tf are you commenting? Any normal person would avoid the thread, and not reply instead of being a dick. :angry:



All I asked was a question, so if you’re gonna be a dick and reply with a rude ass response, then don’t reply at all! Now I know what R1 was talking about. People here aren’t allowed to post their thoughts and opinions without dickheads shutting you down. This forum is too PC to have good discussions. This is some bs! If you’re tired of certain threads, then feel free to avoid it andleave the OP alone!


That’s not true, people can say what they like as long as they aren’t attacking one another unnecessarily.

A difference of opinion shouldn’t have to mean a personal attack.


Wow u got people agreeing with r18 lol


Not yet😁


Couldn’t agree more.

I wasn’t having a go at OP personally, but apologize if it made you want to quit the game :rofl:


I quit every night. Then when I wake up, BAM!, I’m farming stages again…


Im close,but like most I wanna see if the issues get fixed,most likely these issues will be glossed over by other issues. but my friends and fac mates are why I subject myself to this insanity so idk if a complete exit is possible but I’m close


Only agree on the part where he states, people get shutdown for having a voice here. Dickhead zombie wanted to post a rude ass reply, and assumed I was quitting the game. I never said I was. Dude can’t comprehend. I only asked if you were going to quit. Smh. Lol


Oh, so you’re taking zombies side. He did attack me with a rude ass remark. I never said I was quitting, and all he had to say is a simple no, and not be a dick about it!


@EndureAndSurvive9 ummm, no. No sides. General comment on the snarl. Neither of you were overly polite.

But by all means jump over to those conclusions :wink:


Well I was nice until he said the remark, and you probably gave him a like, so you do agree with him. Lol



You know what they say about people who assume things…