Poor Customer Support

On apr 9, I did 1 single pull and got “here we remain” 4* green michonne. Then I immediately did a 10 pull. That same michonne showed up on my screen, and then the recruits and rewards tab immediately closed. My 2200 coins were gone for the 10 pull, so I looked in my roster to see if maybe the toons were just put in there. There was no change, and the only toon I had received was the initial 1 pull michonne.

I know that the toons were not acquired because I don’t even have 10 lvl1 4* or 5* toons combined. I messaged support via game, and got a response 6 hours later asking for more details, and that they noticed I had an account in a different region. I haven’t logged into that region in over 2 months. I told him that, and it’s now been over 24hrs, and I haven’t gotten a response.

As a relatively f2p player, losing 2200 coins on the 1st pull I have made in approximately 6 months, after saving my coins for specific toons, is extremely frustrating. And now the Aris event is going to end, and I dont even get a “chance” to try and get her. I stopped leveling up toons during a level up event so I had proof that I didn’t have 10 new toons. So now I’ve been screwed for 2 separate events.

What avenues can I take to get this resolved?