Pool of acceptable 5* rewards(non-ascendable)


I probably would consider participating in events for a 5* non ascendable char as a reward being a mid tier faction member only for toons like…

Fill the gap :wink: as for me:
Alert: Neut Rozita, Erin, Kirkmans Rick(Dub dub)
Tough: Bruce, Ivanova, Bazooka Abe
Fast: All out war Rick, Brianna, CRW Maggie mwahahah
Strong: Kirkmans Zeke, Samurai Jesus my boy :disappointed:, Revive Glenn

Your thoughts ? :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: which toons fits/not acceptable for your roster

Summon :Scopely:


Definitely agree with you. If they are going to make them 5* rewards, at least could have made them on the better side since 75% of them are useless now.


In 1-3 month all… Why bother to fight for a toon you can’t use soon (except Sr)? His 6 Star Version can also get relly shitty…


I always wanted that Fast Jesus with bonus HP and a 44 or 45 AR. I think it’s like 700 dmg and 3 toons get 33% bonus hp. And I think he is indomitable too… I can’t remember the specifics but I always liked that toon.


That is Telltale Ties that bind Jesus and I agree ! He’s awesome…we had Havier for a milestone…maybe one day :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing m8


I want Scopely to ascend Red 5* Shane and other oldies


Thanks for sharing your position upon this topic


Priya, Konrad, Hunter, Gresus, Wyatt, therea so many possibilities. Onw thing they should really do is make the features toon in recruits the top prize.