Should the number of territories own by 1 faction be limited, so smaller factions have the opportunity to grow and be more competitive.

  • 5 territories is the largest territory group for boost.
  • Limit territories own to 5.
  • Do not limit.
  • Limit to other #.
  • Let 1 faction own everything.

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A strong faction can’t possibly hold all the territories and keep them forever anyway.

Even losing against a strong team wears their stamina down so they can eventually be beaten.


If you’re unfortunate and stuck with your main region being one of the known hack regions, you have no chance at holding any of the beneficial ones for more than a few hours. Those unlimited coins of theirs apparently come in handy for more than just war


Tully you currently own 12 territories maybe more can’t really tell, in reality, I don’t care how many I just want DADE to be a place where new players want to settle. Not long ago experience players in DADE ask for the region to be open because it was dying, I happen to be one of the new players and I feel like I should just run to an actual new region by making a new account, many other new players feel this way. You yourself are aware how long it takes for TWD faction to find a match for war, and base on the mechanics this will stay like that until the new players catch up (new players 90% of the region?)

If this is a bad idea for making DADE more appealing for new players, please offer a better one so DADE survives.



I want the same thing you want, you ask for us.
This is how new players feel please help.


You forgot the consideration:

Dgaf about territories


Fok them mofoking territories!! I have left 2 factions because of territories. The only purpose they have is armory and assault tickets.


And for the new players building, training, experience boost. Actually, I think they ALL give some type of benefit.


Arent “Do not Limit” and “Let 1 faction own everything” the same thing?


is not the same thing