Poll: Your Thoughts on Tower “Ghosting” Part 2

  • I like to have the ability to tower ghost :ghost: and/or I don’t care :man_shrugging:t3: if it remains in the game.
  • I don’t like tower ghosting :ghost: and/or I want it removed from the game.

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Let’s try this again lol. The oversimplified version of the poll.

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What if i want the ability to tower ghost BUT i want it removed from the game??

Haha just messing with u xD

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Remove it. Tower ghosting is too much based on having a fast device/internet and nothing with skill in 9/10 occassions. The only reason some like the tower ghosting is because of the ability to get extra refills. Just increase drop rate on refils and give a really high chance to get one when u kill someone in the tower.

Look i understand that people like it but its annoying to wait for the timer and let everyone attack the tower again. It makes wars longer, etc etc.

So, what should be changed?

  1. Drop rate of refills high on beating someone in the tower.
  2. A boost to teams in towers that drops over time which makes it easier to hold a tower a bit longer, BUT! Make it easier after 5 minutes from when it became available for attacks. (So after 5 mins the bonus becomes a debuff instead, which builds over time too)
  3. Leaving a tower makes it available for attack against zombies. The faction who left it cant take it for 1 minute. The amount of waves increases over time. Within first minute after leaving its 1 wave and it can build until initial 3 waves again with every minute that passes.

Pretty much it most of the time, but lineups can help, I hear rocket abe is a good one. And yeah, I gotta agree on how it takes little to no skill and yet it determines a huge power difference on who has towers. Anyways, ghosting is getting an enhancement to delay those who have ghosted I believe.

Absolutely this. If Scopely was interested in increasing drop rates, that would be the ideal option that would clearly benefit everyone involved. Personally, I don’t see them doing us any solids … which is why I’ve said players should try and take advantage of the system that’s in place. But Scopes could put the whole issue to bed by just being less stingy.

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@Andrea_Scopely can we please merge all these threads on tower ghosting into one super thread? Geez

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Is it possible for me to delete the thread myself?

Not trolling at all, but I truly dont understand the big deal that is being made of ghosting. I personally don’t ghost, because I rather spend that time attacking, but I don’t see the issue with it. The solution is being first and stacking the tower. If Ppl are having trouble getting towers, maybe your tower attack team needs improvement like a crit lead or crit weapons. In reference to the poster above, if you have a slow device or weak internet, there is nothing game wise that’s fixing that, so why should everyone lose an ability because some don’t have fast internet… Seems a bit selfish. Also, refills are rng, ghosting doesn’t guarantee anyone gets a refill. Although it’s not my thing, I don’t really see how ghosting is negatively impacting the game. Would love to hear some feedback. :blush:

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Someone losing an ability because other have slow internet or a bad advice? Look I don’t know where you come from, but people with money have already enough of an advantage as it is. I’m fine, i have an iphone 8 which is quick, and i have glassfibre internet on wifi, but i am not selfish. I think of people with slower connections too. Why do you think the top factions(the whales who pay2win) always get the towers? Because they have fast devices. And dont give me the crap that they use better teams, because it was already like this before they revamped the towers. You remember the old system where you could not attack a tower because someone was faster than you?

Ok so that said i will explain to you a little more. Why did scopely revamp the towers? Because they wanted it to be or at least feel more fair to people with slower internet or devices. So you call it selfish if i think that paying players shouldnt have another advantage that is clearly based on internet speed and device strength? People with fast internet and devices already have a big advantange because they take the towers at the start, mainly because of having fast internet. And now this ‘ability’ would give them this advantage over the whole war? No, you’re dead wrong there lady.

Based on the feedback I’ve received in these threads, the players against tower ghosting could pretty much fall into two categories.

Those that are claiming it’s the reason they are losing battles: This is very debatable though, as they may just be using this as an excuse. It’s harder to admit that your faction is lacking in other areas (strength of rosters, coins, skill) than to blame something like tower ghosting. It’s an easy target.

The second group I’ve seen are the big time players that quite frankly, don’t need to tower ghost. They still (somehow) spend tons of money on the game each week on coins, so the last thing they are worried about is getting a few free refills from a tower. IMO, these players, who usually claim they are morally against “dirty tactics”, are more concerned with the factions below them in the standings (and in CRW) accumulating a resource (refills) for “free”, that they are paying for.

There is some validity to both groups. I don’t want to dismiss them. Some people have agendas, and some just want a better game. TBF, I wish players were more upfront about that part of things. Nothing wrong with explaining your situation before giving your opinion. For me, I was clear about now being an ex-player, and why I felt the way I did.

**There are players that will abuse any system, and I do Not, and never will, condone such actions. So if you’re a hacker that has figured out a way to abuse the tower mechanics, then shame on you. You players suck at life and at this game and have to resort to cheats just to win. I wanted to make sure I said that though. **

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I don’t see the big issue with ghosting to be honest. Like I said in the other thread if you have an issue with it stop factions you face from ghosting by taking and stacking the towers. If people choose to ghost only makes it easier for those who don’t to get towers.

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Tower ghosting will be fixed i am sure about it. Scopely doesnt like to see tactics where people get things for free.

I’m sorry but you seem really biased against p2p or “whales”. You are assuming that only those that win towers or ghost towers are p2p and have a shit load of money. F2p players can be in top factions and can win towers as well.

Haha without a doubt!

Funny thing is, this past CRW I only saw one thread started about “Lack of drops” over the weekend.

I think too many people have short-term memories though, because I remember what it was like before tower ghosting existed. There were about a dozen such threads created for every war. And that’s where things will go once again. Players have been enjoying these wars where they come out even or +5, +10, etc, on refills. We’ll See how long that lasts

Thanks for the feedback. It seems to me like SOME people against ghosting aren’t actually against ghosting but are against not being able to successfully capture a tower first.

You’re very welcome. But that’s it for me … not just on this topic, but on the forums altogether.

Whatever happens, I hope it’s for the best.
Its been fun debating and chatting with you all. Be good to each other and take care!

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You are dodging parts of what i say and just stubbornly read only what you want to read. Idealistically the faction who gets the towers first can keep them during the whole war, ofcourse, people could try to take them back and ghost them, and ofcourse not only p2p players have good connections. Im not here to state the obvious as i thought people would make that up in their own tiny heads.

I’m just adding up parts to why i am against tower ghosting and i tried to explain you why your response was not fair. Ofcourse there are exceptions, there are exceptions in everything. But the top factions, which i saw tower ghosting a lot, usually concist of p2p players. They dont want to carry people and dont want to let non playing members get the same prizes as them, even if they are shit prizes.

I really don’t care with rocket abe its pretty hard to get outsped so usually by the time the towers lose their shield its over.

Even if tower ghosting was removed those ppl will probably go anyone who is mass a atking a camp is exploiting the game blah blah
Always trying to find a excuse insted of admitting to being beaten.
Don’t be sore or else you are a massive bore
A tactic is a tactic
Deal with it