Poll: Would you prefer occasional Ascendables as solo tournament rewards?


First of all, I get it, Scopely. We will never go back to how things worked in the past … when a 5* was automatically the top reward for pretty much every single Solo tournament.

But with the ridiculous amount of solo level ups (and other events), I believe we should occasionally be offered the opportunity to compete for an ascendable prize. I don’t understand where there’s harm in that. Rewards can still be rotated, much like they are now (Trainers/ Gear/ Legendary Medals/ etc) …

  • Yes! We need to mix things up!
  • No!! Keep things the way they are now!

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I haz returned - responses incoming

The problem here is that 5 star tokens and ascenable toons is almost the same thing in the end.

Personally, the only toon i’d go for is Red Hershel.

And i’d be 100% fine if 10 solo lvl ups had 5 star Hershel as top prize.


I’m not quite sure how you see 5* tokens as essentially the same thing as an Ascendable toon. When I get enough 5* tokens to do a pull, I rarely ever get an Ascendable toon out of it. And even if I do, it’s restricted to the pool of Ascendables that are in that specific wheel.

The spirit of this poll was not to limit us to just the available ascendables in that 5* token wheel. There’s no reason why every once in a while, a GOOD (recent premiere recruit) Ascendable can’t be the reward for a solo tournament. It’s not going to suddenly ruin the game.


Problem is in McIntosh we have 1 guy that has won i think the last 20 levelups.


Haha well, that’s very unfortunate. Sounds like a hacker or you play in a dead region. I don’t know why you’d consider my proposed change as a “problem”, though. It’s not as though things are going well for your region presently. Perhaps, if an Ascendable toon was offered as a reward, it might entice other players to compete :wink:


It’s actually a very populated server, his wallet is just way more dedicated than everyone elses haha.


I dont fault him for going to town every time, i’m just not willing to drop that much cash on a game with as many other problems as this one happens to have and create every other week or so. #notdedicated


Everyone in the top 10 would likely have that toon already so faction prizes would be more welcome


Meh, the way I see it, if they already have that toon, they could pass on trying to win the solo. Save some resources for the next one … give someone else a crack at first.


I voted no because I would rather them be prizes for war which is event that takes the most activity and team work to win. I wouldn’t mind having ascendables as prizes for solos as well but not before war. If the poll said reward for war(or some wars) and some solo tournaments I would have voted yes.


Yeah that was an option I considered, but I kinda figured it would be a waste of time lol. No matter how overwhelming the percentages favor ascendables as war rewards, Scopely is just too hesitant to go down that route again.

As soon as they do so, everyone will expect it to be the new “normal”.

But I do get your point. I would prefer better war rewards as well. Hopefully, this could be a stepping stone to that though :wink:


I voted no. Solo events where 1 person has so much power I can easily see them be crazy competitive to the point that they would not allow anyone else to win and that could easily start a slow dismantle of morale to a region.

This game would have a snowball effect to it I feel if ascendables were rewards. Newer regions when 1 person starts to win I see no reason for that person to lose the next time one of the same events come back again.


Wait. Scopely allowing an Ascendable 5* to be a first place prize, every 3rd or 4th solo tournament, would be the downfall of a region? Lol

Please explain further.

Remember, this was just about them doing this occasionally. That’s all. We already know things aren’t going back to the way they used to be.


Oops overlooked the word you put in there “occasional”.


Ahh, I see lol. No worries.


I’d rather some new Ascendable tokens to trade in for one then a pre choosen one.


i’d rather see some weapons as top prizes.


Well that’s fine, but out of the two choices you voted to keep things the way they are now lol :man_facepalming:


You made me laugh. You have never been to my region. You put a flaming bag of poop as the top prize and the top players will still go all out for it.


It would be cool if they put the ascandebel toons after 2-4 weeks in the 5* wheel and make it a bit fresher every 2-4 weeks…

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