Poll would you like walking dead rts sequel?

Just very curious if anyone thought like me, with the state of the game and the fact that it seems it peaked and is just being milked, that it’s time to let it go? I’d really enjoy if they created a very similar sequel but going back to its root without power creeps and unbalanced things. The community and players are so toxic and sinical scopely is implementing anti harramsent measures in game. We’ve gone far from 3 years ago where anything flied. I just feel a fresh start would be exactly what the game needs. Sorry whales I’m sure they will include an option to trade in your op toons for an exclusive 4* Michonne when starting the walking dead rts sequel.

  • Close rts and overhaul creating rts 2
  • No freaking way I won’t start over

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Never again.


I voted to overhaul but I want scopely and all the devs and execs from this game to not be apart of it, since all they know how to do is make a game completely rubbish.

Stars wars got smart and dropped EA from having them. Maybe kirkman will get smart and drop scopely.

Also I wouldn’t bother playing another game like this ever again. So cheers to you scopely for ruining what was a fun time for 3 years.

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Lmao. That’s a hell no!

If progress carried over and there was a different company, sure.

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I would be fine with either if another (competent) company takes over because Scopely clearly has made this game into a shitstorm.

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Not if this company is involved. No.



Only thing I want from twd:rts is a 100% complete refund for my entire account.
Screw this mismanaged buggy game an fuck this evil company.
Pay to subscribe. Subscribe to get more pay features. Features that don’t work.


Every purchase ive ever made? I was told you can’t get refunds once consumed

RIP @Baby_Shark_doodoodoo , forever immortalized on the forums. He will surely catch a b&

This is the kinda stuff that needs to happen to make them listen to us

Not sure I want this game to close. But a sequel would be a good idea.

There is already a different version of this game already though?

We dont need anymore games from them.
also where is vote none.

This is how you know if someone is an og and beenb around 3 years or not. Surviving scopely

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Cant get more og then soft app tester before full release

Can’t get more OG than having a 2* team back in 2015

Can’t get more og than having the fabled 1* rick

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Lmao crying no i know how things work i know health of things less then 20 on leaderbored is clased dead from most ppl. And no players are stick of copy and paste teams. funny thing is first achievement was April 29th of 2015. So pick one how far up the games ass does it smell nice or nah?

In English please