*Poll* Will you be ascending Eugene?

  • Will you ascend and find use for Eugene?
  • No, he’s not worth it, can’t really use him.

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Can you make a few other options?

-No, because I don’t have him.

-Yes, even though I don’t have him

-I’ll put him in a box and bombard it with radiation, thus making him both ascended and not ascended until the box is opened


I dont have him. But I wouldn’t.


Do not own it and even if it did, it would be no.


I do not have him. But if I did, I would. My only choice of a ranged legendary is, not surprisingly, Mirabelle. So in the event I did have him, Mirabelle ascended, and the items required inc!urging fodder, I’d ascend him now. Plus his rush is what? 450% to 3? Plus his max attack is 1.7k+. In my book and given what I have, that’s a good thing to have.


Meh, i used the co#%sucker as my first 6* fodder, no regrets


He’s pure :wastebasket:


Eugene is pure trashcan.


Eugene isn’t bad for player’s that have him and don’t have alot of red 6☆. Is he the best red clearly not, but if you don’t have any other reds yes he’s worth it. Me I do not have him and wouldn’t 6 him as I already have other red’s


In terms of Eugenes uses he’s a def toon by no means. His main tactical use would be solely in offense


Execution is always helpful.


And this would be the reason why I would not bother to ascend him. I do not like toons that hit 3 with 2 of the attacks being at random. Might push someone over the edge and now you got to deal with getting hit by one or two ar’s. I much prefer someone like Ty with his line damage. At least this way you know who is getting hit and can account for it. Plus he’s also at 85 ap. On a defense, he will be long dead before he ever gets to rush.

Eugene is trash and he is next to useless. No one asked for him and almost no one wants him.




I don’t have him but if I did I would ascend him. He is all about the offense there is nothing he can contribute to defense. Execution is the main go to and would definitely help any offense clear a team faster exspecially tank teams. Am not mad at his rush either if u pair him with the right toons he can really do some work for you.


I don’t have him, but would if I did.


Needs 9 Lilliths that I just don’t have to spare or a better active skill.


Nope don’t have him. I don’t know if I did would have to think about it.


Some of you come across as so spoilt it’s unreal.

A great offence toon.
I’ve ascended mine. Was waiting for Governor also.

But still have the reserves for him too.


I prefer the five star version of him. I find the six version utterly pointless and waste of resources.


He’ stinks. If I was given his 6-star version for free I still wouldn’t waste the gear on him. You never want to hit random toons on an attack. His 85 ar is the icing on the cake. Recover taunt is useless. His only good trait is execution. I also wouldnt really call him f2p. Was he ever on a wheel or was he only given out as tournament prizes?

Edit. Thanks, Shadow123. I though he was only awarded from a tournament. So another fake f2p toon as most people not in top factions do not and can not get him. And 2018 was going so well too. Scopely knows f2p players are desperate for a red and they still wont release the Gov. Thanks for nothing scopes.


only tournaments