[Poll] Who's REAL concerned about the power creep?

  • Yep, its getting beyond a joke now…
  • Nah, GitGud!

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Especially from a FTP perspective.
If you don’t get real lucky on your token pulls you’re up shit creek without a paddle nowadays.


Let’s revisit this topic after f2p get a revive. Until then, I think the creep isn’t too bad.

Disclaimer: I spend, but I also experience firsthand, and see raids daily of f2p dominating.

Deposit shade here👇

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Most teams in the top 20 have the same five revive, shield toons. No variety in the teams. Getting boring again.


Me , but I’m ftp and don’t matter , goddamn redshirt

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You see lucky F2P dominating, unlucky ones get boned at every turn and you damn well know it lol

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I see plenty f2p Carl 2 Shiva teams doing just as good or better than p2p teams. I despise scopely and well but stop bit*hing about nothing. Yes the game is boring. Dang smh

The free to play made you strong, research an estrategy over and over again
Meanwhile, p2w just got characters

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I’ve been saying it for a long time. Take away the special stat weapons like stun, impair, absolute defence and the shields/revives and whatever other things take skill out of the equation and what are you left with. Your left with nobody is safe and everybody must rely on using skill and clever play instead of relying on special stat weapons and shields/revives. Scopely won’t do it but if they did it would make the game a lot better for everyone not just the big spenders.


Exactly some of the best raiders I know are f2p.

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You know what’s interesting though. Scopely have been taking ideas from star wars galaxy of heroes and they still have an unbalanced game with a magnitude of bugs and glitches. Where as galaxy of heroes has a clear balance that works for everybody. They also have shields and revives and mods etc, yet they have actually taken the time to appropriately make sure nothing will break the games balance between free players and spenders. Free players simply have access to everything spenders do but they have to grind towards unlocking everything instead a system that actually works. Power creep is only tempory in galaxy of heroes as premium characters are put into the grind pool after a short period of time.


I keep hearing this. You also need to understand some of these f2p people have been on top factions for a long period allowing them to become incredibly strong. Theirs also the need to factor in luck. I know for a fact as a f2p person myself I’m one of the best raiders also so the sentiment is appreciated as it’s true. But I find that the best raiders are obviously p2p. They just kill everyone without any kind of fluid skill or clever play.


I’ve probably got more money than you just in btc stocks alone not counting the actual amount of btc I’ve been holding in my 2nd wallet haha :joy:. It’s obvious your trying to hard to attract f2p people to bite. ■■■■■■■.

Your comment wins

The f2p comunity can test offmeta teams, the p2w thinking is “is New character, worth it”

Let’s give out some revives 2 months latirr Let’s Make Legendary weapons

Get better. Spend more. Hone in your mods and weapons. Stop being crybabies.

To the “newer players” complaining, don’t you think that a person with years of experience and tens of thousands of dollars into the game should be leagues better than you? LMAO

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Worked for the raiders and 49ers.


Worked for the Red Sox

All 3 are professional sports teams. Not a pixel roster, ultimately owned by the company that produced it.

I dunno about you, but i have a hard time paying for something that really isnt mine. Rts aint a trophy wife, homie.

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