**Poll:** What toon should represent the Saviors for "Rise To Power?"

Hey guys!
Who should be the toon that represents the saviors for the upcoming event?
In my opinion, it should be Connor, my man deserves it. But what are your choices?

  • Connor
  • Dwight
  • Negan
  • Other (Comment)

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One single person to represent an entire colony? Obviously, I’m going Negan. Dwight my second choice. But if it’s way post-All Out War, weird choice to some, Sherry. But of course, shortly after becoming the new leader of the Saviors and plots to take over Alexandria after the huge confrontation with the Whisperers, she gets her neck snapped in the lulzyiest way.

Correct the poll please.
Negan would perfectly represent the Saviours IMHO.

Negan, the original leader of the saviours, wouldn’t be a surprise if he return to lead them in the future either.

Negan hands down

Dwight. He was the OG Saviors’ leader. He deserves recognition.

How about Carson? He’s a Savior, right? There aren’t many versions of him in RTS.

You know I just want to say this on this post. I think Gregory should be the character for the Hilltop cause he was in-fact the OG Leader of that group. Even though he should of been the team Captain of the no-ball ■■■■■ losers.

We already have the promo rise to power Negan, so I fell like a new Negan should be used. Conner would be a nice choice. He was shortly lived in the comics and no where to be found in any of the wheels.

The Kingdom i feel should have Richard as the character cause it was zeke’s right hand man or goto man to get things done, even though he suffered a similar fate as Shiva when the kingdom went to fight the Saviours.

for Alexandria I think it should be rick cause well we haven’t had an exceptional rick character ever in this game. Plus he is the original badass that seems like he just can’t be killed but we’ll see here in the comics since he lost his rock in the last couple issues.

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Fixed the poll, also I voted Connor just because Dwight and Negan are already quite prominant - I like variety even in visuals :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be cool to see Tara as well seeing as she’s part of them.

This we have enough Negans

Donnie the drug dealer is also a saviour wonder what happens if we made this guy the representative :slight_smile: