(Poll) We want more Ugly Sweaters

Either come with winter assault
Or light purchase

  • Yes more and it’s a must
  • I am fine

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I said this is another thread, but there will always be a bunch of chumps left just short of a collection or pull. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s you. Other times it won’t be. And, if you think about the maths of it, it will happen to someone regardless of the number of sweaters they make available


Keep fighting 15 freaking chars

we started an FA like 1 and a half days ago and are about to finish but sweaters have been pulled from rewards…

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Vote for your rights !

As long as you started the assualt before 7pm eastern today you will get the sweaters when you complete it.

we need some more
No matter from winter assaults or purchase
Light one of coz

Nah I’m good :slight_smile:

Most of us not happy with it

I’d buy some sweaters…

That’s not true. We started 6pm pst, just finished and did not get the sweaters

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Won’t sink 15 chars


OK, buying this

Need more , even as purchase come on scopely

Maybe that’s because 6pst is 9est, so 2 hours after they stopped with the sweaters

More sweaters mofos

i could use 6,000 sweaters myself. its looking like gear will be todays haul and not another pull.

Great events bit to truly have enjoyed it it must come to an end. Alot of positivity. Let’s move on to the next thing.

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and i thought the 6,000 i needed was a kick in the nuts…ouch, sorry bro!

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