📜 [POLL] War Scout Time


Hello everyone!

We know there is debate among the community on what a good amount of time is regarding War Scout Time.

The team suggested we put a poll together. Please use the War starting today to gauge what you feel the best timing would be and use it to decide your answer in the poll below! :slight_smile:

Please select your preferred amount of Scout Time during Regular All Out War:

  • 3 minutes
  • 4 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 6 minutes

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Thank you everyone!



I like scout time as is thanks.


Maybe an option for generals from both sides (must be unanimous) to vote on skipping scouting (with a brief prep time if 10-30 seconds) as a solution, if shortening it period is unfavorable?


Whoa there Survivor…baby steps lol :wink:

Thanks for the poll and chance to voice our opinions.


shorter the better on scout time. 3 min is fine for the people in queue who put down their phone for a bit.


If someone has 100 Wars, he waits 6min every War just for the Scout Time.

100 Wars x 6 Minutes = 600 Minutes = 10hours just doing nothing.


Well there is…

Getting up to get a beer. Drinking that beer. Going to the bathroom. Making a sandwich or other quick bite. Pretending to listen to your significant other. Driving to store to get more beer. Buying beer. Driving home from store. Maybe loading the dishes…Maybe not.

Plenty of things to do.


Haha great points wanderer!


There is also too the Search Time and the (hopefully) 3 Minutes for the Scout Time. And u won’t need to do everything u wrote after every War. Just sometimes the longer Scout Time would be better.

Imo u don’t need so much time, but everyone has their own opinion


Why on earth are people voting for anything other than 3 minutes?


Perhaps some have trouble with the pop off tops and are used to twist offs on their beers? :yum:


I prefer short as possible, but I’m also still confused on what early 2018 means. Is it like first quarter? First trimester?


why not just let us coin to end the scouting phase early. it would be easy victory for the loyal customers who played long many years.


Where is the 1 or 2 minutes option? 2 minutes is enough since scouting is kinda pointless.

Didn’t mean to tag you deadman :stuck_out_tongue:


@kalishane NOOOOOOO 6v6 come on…everyone hates that.


Agreed. Good for smaller factions though…


Why not?


For 6 vs 6 at no more than 2 minutes. 8 vs 8 I can see no more than 3 minutes.


shat the bed again scopely. way to go on a 6v6 way. jfc