Poll to stop the flagging wars on here

  • Yes flagging is stupid
  • No I want to flag on

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Please don’t flag this, this is just a poll nothing offensive go flag something else.


That’s fucked up. XD


See that’s my point like what is the purpose of that ? It’s something that shouldn’t happen that was a legit discussion now it’s just a flag fest smh.


I had two separate posts flagged talking about vk hackers and vk leaks , kalishane responded to both after they had been hidden due to flagging and even merged another thread into one of mine that had been hidden previously

There should be a system where if you flag too much stuff, that upon review shouldn’t have been flagged , you should lose flagging privileges.


When used properly it has it’s benefits, when abused as it is being abused in its current capacity, it does not.

So the option to flag should be there , if abused it should be revoked , maybe add in something like new accounts can’t flag for 48 hours either to stop spam new accounts just to flag


I don’t think I’ve ever flagged anyone, but why not flag on!

A lot of the issues associated with flag spamming will get resolved when a mod staff is assigned. Both by people having the ability to review/remove flags and by people being able to remove a few posters.


I only flag spam threads from kids, like “what should I put on my weapon ?” or " I just pulled/ascended _____ is he/she any good ?". Especially when posted in General.


Tbh flagging should be left in the hands of mods/leaders, otherwise it results in spam and trolling


I will have to add “flagging abuse” to the rules and guidelines.
Thank you for bringing it to our attention!