Poll: Time between faction tournaments


I wanted to make this poll as feedback for scopely, due to what I consider an inconvenience built into gameplay, due the inability to kick afk and to allow players to change faction.

What do you think is best for faction tournaments?

  • More time should go by between faction tournaments
  • Very little time is fine

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I would counteract this poll as it to vague my ideal time between fac events is approx 8 hrs as you can guarantee that one of the leads will be on in that time to sort out the roster but certainly instant fac events are crap


Agree. I’ve been denied the pleasure of kicking one of our highest performing slackers because of the narrow gap.

Happy for there to be a narrow gap, if any, between events, just need a little more between faction events


Go up Bump.


Made me chuckle :slight_smile:


Well played word smithing there.

It does feel good to purge.


Honestly, the easy solution here is to just make it so that the rewards are given out correctly even if the player leaves a faction.


Yet again, right now 1h between prizes from last tournament and the new one, I can’t carry a faction properly if I can’t recruit.


Admittedly this one was harder because we weren’t sure if blitz war was happening, but if there’s an hour between rewards being issued and event start then a good leadership group will manage it.

It’s been said elsewhere, but if they fix the payout issues this would be even less of an inconvenience


Faction hopping should not be a thing, you should be locked out of factions for a set amount of time before you can join another or if your kicked you should not be able to return without an invite. Tournaments could be back-to-back and never ending if factions were locked in