(Poll) Tiger Den Event Video

Who will you be going for in this Tiger Den Event?

  • Shiva
  • Winter Shiva
  • Lacerator Shiva
  • None

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SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… I’m hunting wabbits… I need them to catch me one of them elusive Shivas. About time we loaded up our double attack gun and started busting some rabbits for this event to take home The Walking Dead’s most well known cat, SHIVA!

If you are a spender things are looking good for your collections but if you have a hoarding addiction like me well you are also in luck as well. Let’s talk about it.


I put none because its looking like a pay to play event again. Plus no way to get extra bunnies without paying.


It def is pay/hoard coins to get. I am lucky I have a serious hoarding addiction with coins.


I wasted my coins trying to get blue mittens from deal box. Im pissed. :cry:. The rates are a lie. I got more tokens from that box than blue mittens. I had 2k coins.

Ouch that sucks

Yeah my coins were earned in leagues. I know now not to spend on useless boxes. I would have gone for snow Shiva, but that doesn’t look like it now.

So yeah. I really wanted white shive, but how is an S8++ supposed to beat 9 and 10 grade teams? :joy:

I never ever do RNG loot boxes anymore as to me that is on the gambling side of things. I need some sort of guarantee if I am going to spend money/coins. Which is the reason why I will be spending my hoarded coins on Winter Shiva. I have wanted to test her in some comps too which will help in future team building videos.


The rates weren’t a lie in the box. It said you had a certain % chance at the mittens but it very obviously had 10k mittens on one end and 300 in the other of the box. It never once said what the odds were for each denomination and any amount of common sense should’ve told you that it was 99 to 1 on getting the small amount.

I’m curious why not just wait for level ups to get the mittens? No need to spend anything on them. Honestly team grade doesn’t mean all that much as far as difficulty. I’ve faced s8 teams tougher then s9. It’s just stats. Most road maps don’t even have rushes maxed or an actual lead skill.

Well I just want the Maggie medic for my team is why I bought them :blush:

So impatience :rofl: I understand that

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Im patient, its just that Scopley might troll us by stopping the event early, which ruins chance to get her. Lol.

I put none, but it’s not like I had a choice lol

None because i dont have the money

I picked none. Bc this is just more typical p2p bullshite. Not giving them another cent while the games broken and there’s Zero Balance. I’m on my pending trike

I picked Winter Shiva as I have the other 2. Wasn’t gonna go balls deep for a second White Shiva tho that would be nice. I got her from one of the 99p offers for RTS tokens. Didn’t get the 6* Winter but hey ho.


Winter shiva is the only one i do not have…got 5 regular shiva and 3 lac shivas.

None cause scopely deserves no money esp when things like territories are still broken, gear lock, out dated scav camp missions, etc. If they fixed things and stop trying to nickel and dime on a broken game then I and I am sure others would s.pend again but as it is now, the game is going downhill, a very slow death and I dont want to put money into it anymore

The money symbol is completly blocked now lol


3 weeks of league coins for an acsendable Shiva I don’t have? It was a pretty easy choice. Even the league characters take more than 3 weeks to save up for. Plus you can never have too many tigers in your roster.

Now I just have to patiently wait for Scopely to make a Kitten Shiva.

I don’t care for pay to play events. Plus, if we’re paying that much money to play the roadmap to get the toons, they should tell a gripping story through the roadmap and have specific hand-chosen unique enemy toons, not randomly chosen toons from various factions. Too little effort was put in by scopely in this event.