[Poll] These new Towers are horrible. What do you think?

  • Bring back old Towers
  • I like the new towers

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In my opinion these new towers suks and doesn’t make any sense.


This is how towers should be. Useful. But not OP. And if you don’t have them it’s not an instant game over. I say keep them like this. :+1:


These towers are way better, you have a chance to actually defend when the enemy have the towers, they give a slight edge as it should be


these towers are perfect - balanced, helpful and not OP


Define old towers?

It was traditions 30 atk to 1-2 traits.

Then came the absurd 50%-100% to all.

Now we are back to a a manageable level that requires you to customize teams to get full advantage.

Seems reasonable to me.


Wait wait …50% attack to blues who probably have the most powerful toons…that’s what you consider balance? Glad I didn’t get an education at the schools you all attended. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Towers are trash. Have been for a long time.


Single trait restricted. If you have the blues to make it work, then have at it. It’s is reasonably balance.

When your opponent has the blue tower, you should flip to a melee defense anyways.


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