[POLL] SR tournaments' difficulty


About Survival Road Tournaments’ difficulty :

  • Lower it
  • Keep it that way
  • Increase it

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This tournament hasn’t changed from the beginning and the winners are the players who pay the most.
I think Scopely should increase it’s difficulty especially when the 6th Negan and nightmare mod exist. More special weapons like Michonne/Bruce roadmaps, bigger stats in elite/legendary levels and 6 stars ennemies.
Your thoughts ?


Last level should be as hard as level 400, this is such a stupid event where I just hit auto from start to finish. Can we at least pretend to play the game scopely please?
But it won’t happen since this seems to have become the most cash worthy event for scopely…


Increasing the difficulty won’t stop the same players from winning it everytime. Scopely needs to add a way for F2P players to reliably get SR cans like they do with raid cans if other players are going to win SR tourneys.


Making the ai’s weapons proc every hit isn’t raising difficulty, thats just being cheap, Add some trait restrictions/persona restrictions, attack roster depth, but make it WORTH those handicaps.


It’s the favorite event of Jenkins top player… He has the road finished in the first hour, camps out at #1 for the duration.


Raising or lowering the difficulty will not stop the same 10 people you see every week from finishing in the top 10. They are there every single time because of one thing and one thing only. They are willing to pay to be in the top 10. If you are not willing to drop 50 cans for the privilege of being in the top 3 no amount of difficulty increase will make a difference. It will only prevent non-payers from completing it at all.


Those roadmaps with 5 red stuns are funny af, had one the last time with 5 waves of em. Still 5 manned the hell out of it, just took a wee bit longer. I laugh at red stun teams. Super easy to beat.


Knock it up a couple of notches. Yeah maybe the same guys win it. But this was designed with the 5* were king. Now we have 6* and many of us mop the floor with the paltry opponents thrown at through most of elite stages lately. Pretty soon as many of us get more and more tier 4 toons, this event will become a joke. Instead of skill, it will be become a straight race!!! And not justfor top players, but many in mid to high level players.
So yeah, increase the difficulty so it can become more of a Challenge or test of skills.


Hate to break it to you but if you can pay to complete and win an event there is no skill involved. When you can recover your toons for cash and buy cans to complete and re-run stages skill has long left the building. Maybe you want to run it for a challenge but most people just want to get it over so we can collect the necessary items to repeat the process all over again in a few days.


Yeah, pay to keep going does defeat most of the skill. And those guys will usually be at or near the top. As for the rest of us, who either are F2P, or small spenders, there is some challenge left.


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