Poll: Should CRW rewards be doubled due to the extra competition


Just to see what the forums thinks about this.

  • Double/Increase rewards
  • Keep rewards the same
  • Reduce the amount of regions in CRW
  • Other(Post other options below)

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CRW was better when it was 4 regions, not 8.

CRW is the main event and the rewards should showcase that. They never do.

If you can’t finish in the top 6 you might as well not even try past 100k because the rewards are not even close to matching the effort required.


Spot on. coming first in a level up is easier and cheaper than coming top 25 in CRW and you get better rewards… a guaranteed ascendable.


Only the 1st CRW with 4 regions had prizes scaled to match. In that one I recall top 12 were receiving pretty decent prizes (5* red Andrea). Then the decline…


Also… trolls gonna troll. Who actually wants the rewards to stay the same?


If the rewards for a normal war say are 10 points for every region you add to the mix for a crw the rewards must mirror this 8 x 10 = 80.

With 8 regions fighting for the top spot that’s mean the top 3 teams from each region will take up the top 24 places in leader boards (give or take make bad match making) so the rewards to entice competition at the top 24, middle 26 and bottom 150 teams on the leader board must be worth time, effort and money spent to win.


I think they should just have better rewards for lower ranks 1 should of course have the best but it should not be such a dramatic drop from 2/10


And while we’re doubling prizes, double the amount of prize tiers too. Top 10, 20, 30, 40, etc. (Ranks inside Top 10 too, but never been in there so couldn’t say lol). Gives a bit more incentive to factions from all walks of activity.


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