Poll: Representative or Vocal Minority


We, the forum community, are clearly passionate about this game. Per title, are we a representative sample of the player base at large, or a vocal minority? If other, please explain, and thanks to all who participate.

  • Yes, the forum community is a representative sample of the player base at large.
  • No, the forum community is a vocal minority.
  • Other.

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We are a minority to speak our minds but if Scopely could see into our Line chat rooms, the opinions expressed here are wide reaching.


Here’s a couple clues. First is a poll of how long people have played. 113 responses and overwhelmingly we are an older playbase on the forums.


Second is a quote by @dash a few weeks back talking about how many of those free Tough Glenns are in circulation. Looks like Scopely is doing well with attracting new players.

So yeah, we’re the minority. Don’t fool yourselves.


There are 1821 users in the forum and over 170k app users.

So definitely vocal minority.

I know out of our region, maybe 10 of us have accounts here that post semi regularly? But we take information back to the others in the region, so each of us has a few people behind us giving their voices to us.

The majority who are here are those who TRULY love the game and want to see it continue on.


The forums are definitely the minority of players, but that doesn’t mean that that minority isn’t representative of the whole.


I feel like there is a good mixture of players here.

F2P, P2W, Wolfpack/winners, losers, humans, vampires.


I think we are representative of the most active players. I doubt we represent the casual, new or occasional player and that is where we sometimes find ourselves at loggerheads with Scopely who have to think about that part of the player base as well.


I wouldn’t normally bump my own thread, but maybe this question needs to be revisited?