Poll: Replace 10k food in gear depot with 1 million food?


Poll: Replace the 10k food slot in gear depot with 1million food option.

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This has been mentioned before, but all of the threads I found in search are old. This is a reminder that this would be an awesome QOL improvement for us gamers.

I apologize if there has been a response from officials already. Pls post it here if there is.

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The best would just be to have a slider on it so we can buy exactly how much we need but this would be the 2nd best option if that’s too complicated for them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I’m trying to keep it simple. I’m not sure buying from depot has sliding scale code build for it like when we are selling gear/ingredients

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Should have been implemented by now. 10k food is so pointless, just sell 2 sunglasses for that. 1 million makes me salivate


You should say that 5 is favor of the idea.

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Ok I did. Thank you


We should be able to buy X amount of times that item

Bump !

Does anyone else want to vote before the topic closes? I was hoping to get 100 votes for a decent sample size…

Personally I’m more in favor of just letting us buy multiple in which case 10k slot is fine if you only want a small amount. SOMETHING does have to change though, too much tap, tap, tapping

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The 10k option is there for newer players.

I think they could just add 1 mil to the pool, and have it rotate in and out of the depot food slots

Idk tho, I started a new account in Jeff Davis and have never used the 10k one… it seems pointless to me

@KRoo the reasons I suggest just replacing the 10k with 1mil is because it wouldn’t require extra coding. Idk if they have coding for multiple buys in depot. So that method would require more work.

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i voted a neutral 3 as i have yet to buy anything other than gear from there.

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Another option (though it’s more complicated) is to implement a maximum buy option like they have with stuff in the store. Instead of giving you the option to buy the maximum number on offer, they could calculate and give you the option to buy the maximum number necessary to completely fill your food stores.


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