▪ Poll - Region Transfer Update

Regarding Region Transfers, what would you prefer?

Multi-vote, vote for as many as you want

I didn’t want to make more choices with more intervals so just choose the ones that are closest to your ideals.

Drop a comment if you have a different idea

  • Keep it as is
  • Increase the cooldown to 20 days
  • Increase cooldown to 1 month
  • Increase cooldown to 3 months
  • Increase cooldown to 6 months
  • Cooldown that increases by 10 days each time you transfer
  • Make stricter rules for faction transfer, leave personal transfers as is
  • no cooldown, window for transfer each month
  • no cooldown, window for transfer every 3 months
  • no cooldown, window for transfer every 6 months
  • Merge least active regions
  • Close inbound transfers to least active regions

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Forced transfers perhaps? Maybe load people into rail cars and ship them to the region of Scopelys choice?


How about letting us see regions without leveling up? to see small bit of it what about history said regions players move all the time due whales moving regions dying players jumping ship

Keep it like this lower what needs be done for dead regions.


Elmore was 2nd or 3rd most alive region in the game and guess what? its very much dying.

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Just merge regions give all active players in the merge a proper reward a 6 star of there choice and then make rewards for events better to encourage activity.

But they won’t. They have already made up there minds.

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