Poll - Raid milestones + 🍩



Nice. That pic gave me a laugh. :grin:

I think people just go looking for an argument out of boredom

My favorite popcorn gif.

Anyway, on topic, I wish they would go back to the 2,200 milestone for the Benedict or if they keep the milestones as they are now, they should add a Lilith.


Not once did I make a personal attack or say anything that would violate the tos. Can’t win an argument then flase flag away.


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i have hundreds of cans so 4200 seems okay, beyond natural energy only takes a few extra hours of raiding.

edit: can’t respond to ironandwine bc thread is closed now but:
i typically get an average of 21.5 trophies per raid, 23-25 cans is about right beyond natural, i usually burn a few few here and there, but if you burned 25 in one sitting, at roughly 5 minutes per can that’s just over 2 hours of constant raiding.

a little over 3 hours if you used zero natural energy and did it all in one block using cans. obviously if you earn fewer trophies, are losing raids, or it takes you more than 5 minutes per can it’ll take longer.

I’m going for the Benny in my Chilton region, not worth it Chattahoochee. Far too time consuming in the 6* era. If it went back to 2200 I would be all over it.

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Sorry but I have to disagree with you. Do we have a mathamatician in the house? How many points can be won with natural energy in a weekend raid? Then subtract for sleep. I’m pretty sure it costs around 20-30 cans to hit 4200 and for me that effort is not worth some food and a Benedict. But if you wanna go for it good luck!

Its always additional 23-25 cans for me. By average 22 points per Raid.

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Honestly, this is the last time I’ll go for a raid milestone that high in either region. Now if they gave out a Lilith, Benny and say a watch or radio as the last milestone I might consider it. 4200 just eats up too much time and I have a life and a kid to worry about too.

I agree.

I also understand the argument of how we don’t have to go for all the milestones each time and I agree with that as well. All I am trying is to get a feel to see if the community as a whole is happy or dissatisfied with the increase to the raid milestones.

We should also all be aware that people were not happy with the increase to the level up milestones and Scopely saw this and made a change to the number of points awarded. If the majority of us feel like the raid milestones need to be adjusted as well maybe Scopely will make a change to them for the betterment of the entire community.


Oh look at that flagged cause of disagreement. Wonder how that happened.

@kalishane @Andrea_Scopely review for content and if not against tos release flags as well as take action against abusers. Thnx


Pot calling the kettle black. Not once did I say anything negative about you or call you a name. You did repeatedly when responding to me. Cease and desist from communicating with me as I no longer wish to waste any time engaging you. Good day.

I did not insult you. Just the nature of your biased poll. I did not say you were to blame, in fact left it open ended but hmmmm.

Funny you solicite feedback but reject anything but your conclusion. Nice. Keep on surviving


99 of 104 agree that the milestones should be lowered. What is your point again? Oh thats right you don’t have one other than trying to troll me.

Did it ever occur to you that this “clear” result is the product of you asking a biased question?


Are you saying 99 people on the forum aren’t intelligent to make a decision on their own? That somehow I used word trickery to make them vote my way? Please don’t make me laugh.

We just want lower milestones.

No just that many looked at the choices and didn’t identify with them. Therefor the results are biased towards your conclusion and not informative to the ‘team’.

This is a common problem with polling where the context or nature of the question directs the answer or lack the there of to reflect the pollsters intent. This can include the exact choices or the subject or the text before or after the poll. All influence who will respond and how they will respond.


No you just gave two options

  1. Milestones are two high
  2. I spend money on raid cans

I would have voted for a third option
3. High milestones are ok (without implicating that you have to spend money)

By giving a biased binary option you clearly manipulated the outcome and its really interesting how you still think one can draw any conclusion from your poll.

However as I mentioned in the post you flagged above: Dictators draw the same conclusions from their “elections”…


And you asked each and every one of them this and they all said I confused them with humor and word trickery. That they are in no way smart enough to know what they answered. That’s insulting to everyone who took the poll. Please go away. You are adding nothing to the post and frankly, you should be embarrassed by your behavior.

It’s insanely high and not worth it. Please lower them or I like spending money on cans. Don’t change it.

It’s a simple yes or no. Sorry, you were unable to figure this out while 113 others were.

It’s not your poll. If you dont like my choices do not vote or go make your own poll. It’s that simple. Stop telling me how to conduct my own poll.