Poll - Raid milestones + 🍩

How does everyone feel about 4200 being the number to hit for the top milesotone. Is it too high or should it be left alone?

  • It’s insanely high and not worth it. Please lower them.
  • I like spending money on cans. Don’t change it.

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For the people who don’t want to read through the entire post and I don’t blame you for not wanting to waste your time or for the people who are getting hung up on semantics please ignore the 1st sentence of each choice.
So it’s either :

  1. Milestones are too high. Please lower them.
  2. Milestones are fine as is. Don’t change it.

We have (fill in the blank) spenders that will hit and exceed that 4200. The region is dying too. It’s insane to watch them spend on pixels in a dying region. But I guess they don’t know any better and since this is their major life accomplishment…


Hey nothing wrong with rep. It is meaningless and I too care about it. :grin:

It’s not 4200 for a benny that’s bad it’s the food bags I’d actually want the elite charterer tokens back in raids fodder is always
My problem lies with Sr they once gave Javier as a milestone it was worth it now we have a lillth as a milestone :confused:

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With the new depot you can just sell an extra walkie or bag for 1.5 mil in food. Costs a lot less than using 20-30 cans for it.

I remember that. It was back when I just started to be able to beat legendary. He was a dupe for me so I wound up using him as fodder for Ty. He was a great toon. I would love to see them put in some 5 stars as rewards. Don’t see how it costs them anything at this point. No one is hoping for a regular 5 star on a pull these days

None of the options applies. I like that there are milestones for 4K and beyond because that’s what you need to put up to win a faction raid tourney anyway.

Would I like to see better prizes for milestones for 4.2k? yes
Do I hit the 4.2k? Most of the times
Did I ever spent money on raid cans? Nope

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Top 3 teams in my region would disagree. Out of 90 players only 3 have hit it so far. And 400 extra nuggets is not a good enough incentive for anyone to fight for top 10. I am fine with top 25 and not having to use a single can. Now that’s a shame.

Too tired to do the math but you have to be using 20-30 cans to hit 4200. I’m sure they all came from war but there is no way you can keep that up every single week before you run out. I have over 200 cans and I am waiting for a reason to use them. Benedict and some food is not it

Considering that you can now get Benedicts from supply depot, he isn’t necessarily a priority to go 4.2k now for me. Just my thoughts.


Then you can decline to vote. Your negativity is not wanted here. It’s a joke we all know most come from war

Almost always. :wink:


Its about how the milestones are too high for the rewards given. Learn to lighten up and have some fun

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You looking to troll? I’m having a great day.

What positive or insightful input was that by the way?

52 of 54 people agree that the milestones are too high

The choice is.

  1. Top high

  2. Love spending

Wasn’t exactly a non biased selection.

Troll no. Providing feedback as is the point of a forum. You are taking it too personally. All I did was provide my input with yes maybe slightly harsh language saying dumb poll but what’s done is done.


Wrong again. The choices are

  1. Please lower them
  2. Don’t change it.

The part in front of the choices are a joke. Everyone else seems to get that and agrees that they are too high. You said you think its a “dumb” poll yet you can’t seem to leave. I think you secretly love this poll.

I made the poll, of course, I am gonna be biased towards one of the choices. The rest is up to the players to decide upon and clearly, they agree with me


And your still here…

No I also didn’t get it. That’s why I didn’t vote.

It’s a biased poll which gives you the result you want.


Took me way too long to remember what ADD means. I was like…did he misspell AD for absolute defense?

Also, I got bored of raids forever ago X/

I got a breath of fresh air from Planet Druidia when I made a new attack team with every stun green I have. That’s pretty fun to use. Riskier, but fun.


Never said it was a non-biased poll. It’s my poll and I voted for what I think needs to be done. It does not give me the result I want because people are free to choose their own answer as well as declining to vote.

So far 66 of 68 people agree that the milestones are too high


Have a can, on me :grin:

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Excuse me. That’s uncalled for and quite disgusting

I see the two of you share the same mindset. Both imediately attack and make it personal when someone dosent agree with your opinion. I didn’t come into your post and attack you. So show some respect and don’t do the same to others. You can disagree or abstain but do not insult me or the other members of the forum.

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