Poll - Possible changes to the scavenger camp + 🥞


I’m curious to see if the community would like so see an overhaul to the scavenger camp. This poll assumes all requirements for YGL have been met. Choose from the following (you can select more than one) :

  • You got lucky is always in the queue (12 hr cooldown after completion still applies and it can still be refreshed with coins).
  • Remove all the 10+ hour long missions that only give wood as a prize.
  • No cooldown timers of 10+ days clogging up the queue (what is up with 25 days for cheers?).
  • Its fine the way it is. Keep ygl subject to rng and giving lucky players an edge in every level up over the unlucky ones.

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@kalishane If it’s possible can you bring this to the team. As always, thank you. :pancakes:

Edit: Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas and opinions The one thing that is clear from this is that the scavenger camp needs an overhaul. Maybe if Scopely agrees and they decided to update it they can ask for our feedback on the changes they come up with.


Some wood-rewarding missions have bonuses that are worth it like coins, rare character and weapon bags, and world refills. Although with shit odds like Ear to the Ground with 6% at 50 coins. But yeah, it would be cool for YGL to be there without having to sacrifice those missions.


I’m good with keeping anything worthwhile. The main thing for me that would solve all issues would be if ygl was always in the queue. Should have added to replace the useless wood missions with food missions. That would also be some use. I wouldn’t mind sending out a team for 12-24 hrs for 500k-1 mil in food.

I literally have not be able to get one in the last 10 days and I just want to send out my 4 stars so I can do some ascendance. This is ridiculous.


Honestly, I’m good on food. Most of the time, I’m trying to spend it all so people don’t want to attack me. Farming stages for shirts and gloves or XP gives you all the glasses and other needless gear. Pocket gear markers at best. I guess you have a different situation though.


Put all your extra food into high replenish in the workshop. It doesn’t require any other items to make and it sells for half the cost of making it. This way it gives you a surplus for when you need it and it stops people from taking it from you. Food is always a good thing to have. Wood on the other hand not so much.


A command, huh? I’ll update my notes and see if it works. Other than that, I put all recommended traits, personas, and strength. But it’s a either a find and hit or miss.


I see the request for YGL to be in the queue constantly, and I completely disagree with this.

We already have so much animosity between F2P and P2W. Allowing whales to constantly buy YGL, coin to finish, repeat ad nauseum, takes any form of fair or even play completely out of level up tournaments.

While it would be nice to have YGL appear more frequently, allowing the potential for abuse of it is not the answer.


Wrong. Whales will use it but they sure as hell don’t need it. They can buy all the food and trainer deals as needed. Taking away the ygl’s from the f2p just makes it that much easier for the whales to win every single time. When I don’t get a ygl I sit out on the event. The same 15 people in my region are always at the top. They can’t be doing this week in and week out with just ygl’s.


I didn’t say take it away. Again, I believe it should appear more often, but not 24/7. Yes, the whales will spend regardless, but giving them access to another shortcut doesn’t give F2P an even playing field.


No. I’m not talking about the one the game says to put. I came across a PDF file about the scav mission bonus with the teams that work best for the RE. And I know what the RE are. I’ve played this for quite some time. I just never really paid attention until I googled how to earn coins faster a few months ago.


Why not. Level ups are 2-4 days a week so the other 3 would just be for training. You still have the 12 hour cooldown to deal with. Lucky people can do it back to back now. This would just give everyone the same option all the time. It evens the playing field.

I am now 10 days without one. Durring the Dwight event I only got it 3 times and had to do everything the hard way while everyone else in my faction had them just about every day. Tired of getting bad rng with the only mission in the entire scav camp that I care about. I can’t even ascend my 4 stars. The cost of food and time is not worth the effort. It’s bullcrap and it needs to change.


I agree, even though I’ve not had those issues personally. But I don’t think constant is the answer, unless you take away the “Prestige” part of it and give it a standard cooldown.

Edit: since you edited, whales don’t have to deal with the cooldown. That’s my entire point. YOU might be waiting 12 hours, they aren’t.


I would be fine with that. 12 hours mandatory cooldown but its always in the queue would be better than it disappearing for weeks and months at a time. Wait till it goes awol on you and then tell me its fine the way it is now.

I buy the pass. For 9 bucks you get 70 coins a day. Using 48 to refresh the ygl is dirt cheap. I do it everytime when it pops back in the queue. I have also paid for it when I am doing 4 star ascension outside of an event.


I’m not going to argue that it’s fine; it isn’t, and I didn’t say it was. What I said was that allowing it to constantly be in the queue, able to be coined to skip the cooldown 24/7, load it up, coin to skip, repeat, isn’t the answer. If you eliminate the Prestige/coin refresh aspect of it and give everyone the same cooldown, then yes, I would accept that as being fair.


Okay, you can skip once a day. That’s fine. But you’re not whaling it and doing it 20-30 times per day, and that’s the potential you would be looking at if it was 24/7 AS IS.


This game does not know the word fair and balanced. It’s all about p2w. Every event can be won if you throw enough money at it. The same players take the top spots every single event because they are willing to toss cash at it. Giving the f2p this mission would only help. Not gonna convince me otherwise. Sorry.


Then we’ll have to agree to disagree.


Thats fair. I understand and respect your opinion. Thanks for your thoughts on the subject.


I have an alternative suggestion, as I’m sure I’m not the only player that is struggling to max 4*s to ascend (in hopes of getting key toons like Gator/ Siddiq/ etc…).

If we didn’t have nonstop level tournaments, maybe this wouldn’t be such an issue, as I could focus on maxing those 4s over more valuable 5s and 6s, but the current reality is that I simply can’t justify the resources and YGL missions being spent on a 4 Beth.

So my suggestion is a completely new XP scavenger camp mission designed for Ultra Rare and lower toons, specifically. That way we all can work on maxing our 4*s guilt-free :slightly_smiling_face:


Shot in the dark. You mean a mission only 4⭐s and 3⭐s can access?