Poll on new combat mods

what do you think of the new feature!

  • This is a great new feature
  • I hate this feature and scopley needs to not release it into the game
  • Lets just wait and see how it plays out

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Mods. Walking Dead. Smh.

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Honestly im reserving my judgement till I properly test it out in beta what I will say is they need to up limits as I’m already blocked by daily conversion limits.

Also remove rng , from what I can tell you need the luck to pull a the mod you want l, then need rng to level it up or waste the resources you have on nothing it took me 7 attempts of 10 for a level 14 bronze mod, dont know what happens if i use all 10 and fail, but if thats it and i cant upgrade anymore it be a joke of an updtae

how do you make a poll?

settings wheel next to the smiley face and chose that option

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