Poll: Old Toons Worthy of Ascendance

Choose whichever toon (can select multiple toons) is worthy of ascending him/her to legendary at the moment considering

  • Current Meta
  • Trainers needed (Lilith, Ulysses or Aden)
  • 8x Sacrificial 5*s
  • Ascendance Medals
  • Legendary Medals
  • Gear
  • Food
  • Survivors
  • Joshua
  • Shane
  • Barker
  • Yumiko
  • Abraham
  • Mirabelle
  • Carl
  • Negan
  • Shiva
  • Tyreese

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i voted carl and especially Mirabelle just for the leads. Shiva is the only overall good toon there and tyreese is good as a heavy hitter. Rest i would not recommend ascending at all unless you don’t have any options.

Yumiko is great on attacking team but very poor on defense .

Why not create a list with all the characters to see a consensus

6 star andrea 2000 dmg? Lol jk

i an trying to see if the reworked old toons worth ascending.

I’m kind of regretting ascending my Shiva. Yumiko, Ty and Mira are my only other 6s and they’re working out fine, but wish I hadn’t bothered with Shiva.

Why isn’t Yumiko worth ascending? I know her neutralize skill is very useful as a 5*…

There’s no feasible way you could regret ascending Shiva. Stun active skill is the most useful in the game


Well. Yeah, it’s entirely feasible. Because it’s actually happening right now in real life!

Why no Siddiq or Dwight on the list?

I’ve voted for 5, Carl, Mira, Shiva, Tyreese & Negan.

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I wanted to make a list of old toons made ascendance to project what to expect from our current roster. Havent added eugene or glenn since they are not released yet and subject to change.