Poll - notice of end date and choice of region to transfer to


Poll below but please read. This is a scenario I feel is reasonably balanced as a starting point for solving our low activity issue and allows some control by the players themselves and help those in a state of decay revitalize ranks. Vote below or provide critique or feedback.

  1. Developer announce closure of region starting with the most extreme cases.

  2. The players in these regions are provided a list of regions to select from for migration of their account and date of forced transfer. (no selection = randomly placed or even removal if within game TOS for long term inactivity).

  3. Conveniently, CRW match ups are such that allow initial introductions to these possible regions and chat persists beyond CRW for these groups to engage and encourage player recruitment or otherwise.

  • Good idea or concept
  • Indifferent to idea or concept
  • Bad idea or concept

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Please provide an answer on region merging

Please share variants to the above. We could do a follow up poll regarding different variants to assess overall opinion regarding these.

Also need comments to keep discussion on top.


All I gotta say is I hope they merge my region Dallas with Dale region


Honestly if you have two accounts one in each, I would actually ask player which one to continue and which to overwrite.

The reason is more around players making opportunistic moves causing false input regard region activity and trying to beef up roster/toons. If you had a selection and knew you would overwrite you could continue to maintain both by selection a different region, if you were indeed playing both. Give an inch and players will find a way to take a mile.

I’m saying this as a player originally from Troup, and as it would be nice to see a bump in weapons / toons in my current main of Morgan, it is not a fair and balanced system for players with equivalent time to develop in my current region… I’d start farming to lvl 125 today lmao. =-)


I’m a level 2 in Dale I just like the ppl there alot


Perfect reason to select Dale.


Conceptually and optimization-wise I agree but then there is human nature to consider.

If you have a choice, you feel partially responsible for the outcome, as such you are more willing to accept change. I’ve discussed setting expectations previously, which allows for this to normalize over time after initial introduction.

Conversely, forced change generates the opposite reaction unless you are in the camp that the change agrees with. You fight it tooth and nail if you disagree with the action taken.


I’ll put it on the list for the follow up with details you provided. Will be interesting to see if soft transfer or forced merge is preferred.


maybe I’m wrong, but wouldnt giving every player a choice be like picking up gumballs one by one that came out of a 5 gallon jug? Assuming enough people respond to the notice. I just don’t know how feasible that is vs. a global transfer. Sorry, not trying to shoot down your idea, it’s a good one in general. Would love to see something turn into a definitive plan to save/ grow the game.


yeah I agree. Don’t think giving everyone a choice is feesible. But I like the idea.


Actually they stated it’s a largely manual process today. As such this is a great way to offset that until automation provides more global access as this is addressing the lowest populations first. Also by do so, you learn and work out the process, including player response and acclimation rates.

Do you take 0 progress today until a fully automated solution exists? No because some are far worse than my region and it’s pretty boring. And some forward progression helps reduce strain and acceptance later.


An idea to balance the issue of advanced players on new regions would be to take in account their reputation, in other game I play, they solved this by not allowing players above the top 100 to transfer their accounts into new regions for the first 6 months, and never to do so if they where on the top 10 of their own server, something along this lines could be implemented, not exactly the same of course.


Which is exactly my point, by focusing on the lowest population regions you reduce traffic until. Kinks get worked out.



Bump to solicit more feedback. Votes don’t keep it on front page.



I need an “I don’t care” choice because apparently all polls should have one … Haha, I’m just kidding.

I actually do have a variant. I think it’s pretty good, but maybe you can tell me what you think.

One of the potential issues I foresee with account moves are players that will look to exploit the feature by moving a bunch of their accounts from different regions into the new one. So to combat this, I think the player should get a list of regions they may end up in, but I don’t think they should ultimately be able to pick the exact one.

So basically, they select the option to move their account. They get a list of regions, and they end up in a random one from that list. What do you think?

Players should still be thrilled because they get to move out of the dead region anyway, no?


Haha more RNG… Wouldn’t be surprised

Regarding exploiting, I suggested a few comments up or some other thread, overwriting the account and not combining the two accounts. If you play both, select one you are not in amd you wish to join, if you play one, over write the region you used to be in if you so choose. No exploit possible.

Haha Indifferent is the I don’t care option. That way I don’t get the inevitable well what about all the players who didn’t vote or confirmation bias bs that tends to floating around every time someone can’t back up their view.


As long as a player can’t take two or even three different accounts from different regions and end up with them in the new region then it sounds good to me. That was the only thing I was concerned about. Seemed like an obvious exploit, as we already have regions running rampant with alternate accounts.


The poll is interesting il give you that, but there are clearly issues. what i dont agree on though is your stance on simply overwriting your account if its on multiple regions, i am level 100 (or close) on 2 regions and 125 in my main ,
I left one region due to boredom, and the other because of cheats but the crucial point is i spent in both of the lvl 100 regions , the fact that scopley didnt remove these cheats is bad enough, but if they were to delete these accounts it would be a joke basically saying fuck you and your money , lets face people playing in multiple region may get an advantage in this case but it wouldnt be unearned they most likely have spent in both regions and commited time etc


Already happened by forcing you out. Everything you had is worth 0 value unless you intend to play in that region again.

I left Troup because of the weapon exploit at the armory launch. I know the feeling, but you could choose a region that you wouldn’t overwrite if you wanted to keep those, however as is, that money is already lost sitting there unused.


true its unused but there is still premier characters in these regions, they shouldnt just get wiped, just so you can buy them again,
I dont think merging regions would be problematic sure some people may benifit but there is a max of 5 characters in a team, etc , but realistically what is the worst thing that can happen a few people get a few extra weapons, plus lets face it they probably deserve the bbonus as most these abandoned region accounts are left for faults of there own mainly due to problems that should hav been solved years ago by scopley