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Which factions do you think are strongest for cross region wars? Post undefeated factions
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  • New Ladder format
  • Leave CRW as is

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How about a monthly CRW where the faction matching is done a bit differently.
Group 1 - the top 1, 2 or even 3 factions from each region
Group 2 - the 4-8h place factions from each region
Group 3 - 9-15
Group 4 - 16-x - The unwashed masses - use as many groups needed to cover it.

Ranking is based on war performances during the previous 2 months - not reputation. 0 wars and your not in the CRW.
Grouping can be based on server constraints - I don’t know how many active teams you can have in one war, but the higher the group the higher the expected activity. Hopefully you can get at least all the top 2 teams in one war. 11 monthly wars and 1 grand final per year that teams can prepare for well in advance.
Cheating regions should be disqualified.

There should also be a scoreboard of at least Group 1 visible to all players. Faction post will do.

Then we can see who is best! I would expect this to also generate a fair bit of revenue, so prizes should be pristine.

Boneheaded idea or not?

Another Cross Region War?

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I Think I get what you’re trying to say but it wouldn’t work. It would have to be region vs region (abs is now) league table style.


But this would not allow the top teams in the game to compete - we need to think as one game and not separate regions.


This is my point - but you do need the top factions wanting to face each other - imagine the top 30 teams in the game in one war. 31-60 in another, etc.