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I have an idea . as we ascend characters, we can ascend fashion. 8 brown mods are one random silver. 8 silver is a random gold. vote!

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What happened to the title though?


Grey mods, yellow mods


Fixed it.


No need bcuz i sold my all bronze and silver mods


Rather be able to convert the billions of silver medals into legendary ones


I’d like this, but the one caveat would be we really don’t want randomness to come in (but lets get real. this is Scopley so it will).

At the very least, make the type of ascended mods have an impact on the outcome. So when you ascend eight bronze, you get an identical mod to one of the eight, only silver. This would allow you to fix the outcome if you ascended eight of the same.


First off I would be surprised as selling gold mods must make a few quid

Second I think it would make gold mods to easy to obtain. I have kept most of my silver ones and have close to 200, so 25 Gold. I think there needs to be a certain rarity or everyone will just end up with the same virtually maxed mods pretty quickly. It will happen eventually but it needs to happen over time.


That’s why having the input govern the output would work in Scopley’s favour. You might have 200 silvers, but if the silver crit set bleed resist only gave gold crit set bleed resist there is a still a significant market for good gold mods and actually, arguably, a better market for silver and bronze mods


great ideas…

now how about if they improve the awesome life steal mods;/


Are you not happy with the 68 lifesteal gold mods?


how did you know i had that many… stop hacking my account;p
but seriously, nothing like grinding your ass to win in tournies and get 2 gold lifesteal.


Good idea…maybe they can fix for the weapons too :slight_smile:


no weapons update for you, come back one year!

i mean only took them a year to add + on food for supply depot, we are all asking for too much.

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