POLL: Is the sun rising or sun setting?


I would create a poll but my forum skills are lacking.
Post your experience from your part of the world…


Wrong vote :frowning:


Say it ain’t true @kalishane


Speaking of sunset’s it’s a nice one tonight.


Does anyone have a pic of their sun rising?



You can vote again on polls


Scientifically speaking sun rises in the east & sets in the west scopley is in the west lol :man_shrugging:t2:


Insane power “creep” lately


I just voted sun setting. Can I change that in circa 12 hours time?

And then back again to setting 12 hours after that?


I just posted in the thread about Faction Assault being bad for faction unity. Interestingly I’ve been told a theory that this is a tactic of Scopely to sunset the game considering the bond with faction members is a commonly given reason why people still continue to play.

@kalishane Is anything being done to address the feedback from Faction Assault?


Pretty relevant in terms of mobile gaming, sweeping changes on the horizon, and the possible closing down of games.


These poll results…


I believe we’re mostly focused on this new update at this point in time but – I will poke the team.

Our lead on Faction Assault at Scopely is supposed to be giving birth any day now! I miss her! Excited to have her back.


Why update the price of the useless levels then? If you’re so focused on the update. How long is maternity leave there? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? Then another month at minimum to see any change. Let’s just call it May.



Awh!!! Tell her congratulations!! That’s awesome :heart: She’s going to fall in love!