POLL: is Joshua a good toon(again)

Not sure why its getting deleted?

Is Joshua 6* good from your uses?

  • Hes good
  • Hes bad
  • hes alright
  • hes strong
  • hes weak

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As stated last time its too early to tell solely by looking at stats. On offense he could be quite useful

If what the game designer said might happen about heal red stop health buff. Then yes. Stops rez and health buff at 100…

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Don’t forget to make the same poll again tomorrow and ask the same question again.


I’ll make it everytime its deleted for no reason :ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4:

i find him sorta weak.

But as entirely free 2 play.
He’s fine.
I would of preferred something else then heal reduction on him.

Between Him or Negan both of the free non ezekiel yellows.
I’d go for Negan over Joshua I think.

Negans specialist does something.
Joshuas collateral damage is not gonna do much with his low base attack.

Remove stun is nice tho, that does give him some value.

Negan gives defense on his rush and reduces attack, something that’s gonna be impactful 9 outta 10.

Reduce Healing might not do anything.
If he reduced healing and gave a little defense or bonus attack that would be more acceptable.

For now, his only selling point is cleanse stun for melee.

I’d love to see more like joshua, sature the game with average mid tier 6 stars already so we can introduce more specialized and powerful toons in wars and as special prizes or obviously in promos