Poll: Is Absolute Defense Too Strong Or Balanced?


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  • Absolute Defense is perfectly balanced
  • Absolute Defense is a little too strong
  • Absolute Defense is too strong

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Just finished after months getting all my abs def, dont u dare change them @system $c0p3lÿ


sorry man all people vote no because they have a ABS DEF


I don’t have any abs def. It’s got its weaknesses. Stun Shiva helps a lot


it is not abs specific stun help on all weapon effects.


I dont think that poll could be more biased if you tried ,so congrats on that.

You have no baseline to compare it to - is abs to strong compared to stun? or you just comparing it to no weapon mods what?

You honestly need to stop complaining about this , abs isnt even the strongest weapon mod as its affect is only one turn compared to stun which is 2 additional and impair 3, it is better than ap though.

Finally you have 3 options and 2 are its to op, you need to include a ,its to weak option aswell, honestly this is a fruitless complaint all weapon mods are strong and you cannot complain about one without the others


Survey says… it’s balanced Get over it


True. My thought was basic attack stuns. Relatively low risk on abs.


Nice try but my poll isn’t biased at all. It’s like asking if you think a team is bad or good. Why would I use another team as a baseline?


Well, you asked is it balanced, but compared to what? Maybe people think stun, impair etc are also imbalanced, so they voted ab d imbalanced too. Should have asked, is it imbalanced compared to other weapon options. Ab d isn’t anywhere as annoying as stun, unless it procs alot of times in a row, which occasionally happens. But that’s less annoying than having whole team stunned two goes


But that wasn’t what I was trying to ask? Regardless, 1/3 of people still consider it a game element that needs fixing.


Do you have one yet or a toon with one?
Once u have these weapons its a different ball game.
Its is very hit and miss no pun intented different human shields defend better than others with it.

And if past fix’s to the game by programers is anything to go by god knows what they could break changing it.


No. Definitely biased. You gave a neutral or negative stance only. If you had put a little weak, or way too weak it would have been balanced.

Good luck with your crusade. When you graduate to fighting all stun defense toons, I look for to that crusade as well.


You don’t have to vote so nice try. Also, I just raided a couple of erika teams with no problem.

I wonder why? Oh yeah, because AD procs more on average per match than stun.


Ha ha, fake news. 9% thinks it’s overpowered. Spin it however you wish


And nowhere did anyone say it needs fixing. That wasn’t an option in your survey


I think ad is too low on the totem poll. Stun gun and bat and impair are way better


In fact the IUGO confirmed they all have the same odds. But hey I’m sure you know better than the programmers.


Honestly, the only change that ad, evasion, and guardian really need is that the attacker generates ap on their attack. Negating the damage and preventing ap gain together is the only part that makes it too powerful.


Just wait until Thanos arrives and puts all the negative effects on one weapon

AP Downsolute Stunpair