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I’m no longer on Scopelys discord, however have seen in line chats that Scopely has introduced a Poll bot as per SS?

This facility, and in a much more constructive ways has ALWAYS been available on the forums. I have asked for over a year for real engagement using polls and direct B2C (Business to Customer) interactions.

In addition the forum allows for a topic specific discussions and feedback to occur.


Forum customers now being excluded from being able to partake in a Discord only poll? (still 1.5k users in the last 30 days on the forums, dispite Scopely doing everything to phase it out).

Regardless of the amount of customers who use discord, (4k I was repeatedly told) 1.5k users in 30 days is 1.5k customers.

Does are activity not matter?


The data and the concise format of the poll function on the forum, not only allows Scopely to ask multiple topic specific questions without it being a chore, but also to gather additional feedback/data in the form of post replies.

It also allows (lol :rofl: :joy: :rofl: like Scopely will ever do this), for Scopely to proactively engage directly with customers via a pinned poll post and find out more information and collect more nuisance data.

And this again, as been available on this forum as a tool for YEARS

In addition, I’m not sure who set out the questions but does Scopely realise that some customers may naturally be taking part in the battle pass event not out of choice, but because their in game actions happen to complete a mission. It might have been better phrased to say “Actively” taking part?

Lastly, Scopely may already have data on who has purchased a battle pass, but it might good to distinguish from those who are actively taking part in the premium potion to those who are actively taking part in the f2p potion.

If Scopely really cares about customer feedback, then they would be utilising all the tools available and directly engaging with their customers, consistently. It doesn’t have to be ad hoc if it is felt that it’s too hard to manage. It can be done by applying things like topic specific polls, Weekly or fortnightly Q&As, creating and actually engaging in topics of discussion… e.g. this week we will be focusing on X… we want to find out x, y, z which depending on the feedback may lead to furture in game changes.

Scopely can set the parameters of the feedback also, e.g. Please ensure that your feedback is clear, constructive and thought out, for example, If you don’t like a feature, instead of saying I don’t like it, give specifics, what features don’t you like specifically, what would, in your opinion be better etc. As only these feedbacks will be looked into further

And clearly state when the close time will be for feedback, you can engage more if Scopely needs more clarification or set a like as an acknowledgement of feedback that you are going to “take to the team”.

It really isn’t hard and once Scopely have a format established, it’s a simple copy and paste with a daily scheduled look into any feedback given.

And then Scopely can easily reference threads etc when advising of changes.

Things like this would show the community that Scopely are actively listening and engaging with the team, increases customer loyalty, engagement, retention and hence… revenue.

But as I end most of my posts. What do I know. I’m just a dumb customer


Lol, Scopes cares about its customers, lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Isn’t it obvious by now? They’ve all but abandoned the forums. There isn’t even a pinned post or a discussion thread about the new survival road event.

They are trying to force us over to discord, hoping the forums will just die out and they will eventually shut them down.

It’s disgusting that our so called community manager didn’t even have the decency to officially inform us that he would not be contactable/posting on the forums. They let people continue to ask for help on here with no hope of a response.


Idk why they think everyone will make a new account on another platform when they can do the same thing on forums as discord


他们只在乎钱 其余的都是垃圾对他们来说


Maybe you should reach out to the corporate part of this company. Tell them how you feel instead of posting it on the forums where it most likely doesn’t get read.


What he did is better than nothing and besides if he didn’t do it, what happened but didn’t happen?

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Well, he is a she and there have been plenty of posts just like this. They announced discord will be the official communication after the endgame blog. So… There is that

In game not in the game

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OP is a she? Or are you the she?

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Is it just me or is that the weirdest poll? Like shouldn’t they have the data themselves to be able to see how many people are doing Daily Missions and Weekly Challenges?


Probably but it would require too much work and effort to decipher… :flushed:

That poll on the discord had over 300 votes on it and the ones on the forum you are lucky to get 100 - even Parker who puts a lot of time into the PC information gathering stuff got max 150 on a poll he did about the recent wars.

The forum community is a lot smaller than people seem to realise, it is just an extremely loud part of the community. It is kind of surprising it is still here considering that the forums actually cost money to maintain vs. the discord being 100% free.


Thats probably because a lot of people have stopped coming on the forums as they know scopley do not give a fuck about them any more.

People do not want to have to download another chat app on their phone when the game devs already know most people use Line for game chat


I thought parker said there was a better response on forums than discord


There was 1.5k users on the forum in the last 30 days. As explained in my initial post that’s still customers.

The numbers have been reduced because it’s being whittled purposefully down by Scopely.

The forum has different benefits to discord and vicer versa.

In addition there has never been a poll released by Scopely officially while the forum was still of use to them, so it’s unfair to judge apples with oranges. I’m sure if a poll was ever created during its peak time and had the same advertisement it would do just as well, if not better and allow customers to clearly leave additional information to that specific thread instead of being lost in a generalised feedback thread or event thread where every issue is compounded together.

In the most likelihood that Scopely are going to use the excuse of, barely anyone uses the forums (but won’t mention that it because of their intentional behavior of excluding info and engagement etc) so the forums will be shut down, than this is pure disrespect as I think CJ mentioned, to the customer.

The mostly likely are watching the user numbers and when it reaches their shut down target, then it’s bye bye.

If a platform is no longer viable then just be honest from the get go with your customers. Don’t purposefully dismantle it so you can give a different excuse because customers will see right through it.

And what does that do for customer relations, fostering relationships, loyalty…trust?

The only benefit for me in staying in this game is the relationships I’ve fostered in its setting that may or may not survive outside of the setting. If Scopely didn’t have factions for such relationships the game would be dead in the water.


I’ve been advised by others that I tell people what to do. It’s currently something I am working on not doing. Your doing excatly the same with your responses.

It’s up to me as an individual whom I contact, or where I express my opinions.

So with all due respect, please keep your advice on that matter to yourself.

In addition, as it appears unfortunately that you have an issue with myself, I would respectfully ask you to refrain from talking about me or referring to me.

If you have an opinion on a topic posted that’s great. But if you have an opinion on me I would sincerely ask you kindly please to refer it to DMs. Thank you

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So I can’t have an opinion? You seem to have plenty. And like it has been said before these forums or for opinions. All I did was ask a simple question I am sorry that it struck a nerve.


Edit: after going back and looking what I wrote it was more of a suggestion then a question. And since you make multiple posts about the same thing and it doesn’t get fixed would not suggest you need to go a different route? With all due respect You like to make opinions about stuff I say and I’m going to make opinions about stuff you say. And if you think I am singling you out maybe you should go back and look at some of my other posts.

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Im surprised anything is updated here, it’s more of an Arkham asylum of sorts

We can compare the polls though as they were both done in the last 2weeks. PC is one of the most active topics on the forums but did not get anywhere near the responses that the discord poll did about battle pass participation, which is not really that big a topic (it was a test poll). I am sure PC stuff will get polls on there too going forward.

can use discord in a browser too, go to discord.gg and then change to use page as desktop site option in your browser and select the open discord in your browser and login - no app download required. Worked fine on my tablet.

Line chat is terrible for large groups, it has a 200 people limit and the official discord already has multiple thousands of people on it. That is why the line chat had all the problems being a “invite only” discord discord has no such issue, it is open to everyone.


forum was open to everyone and worked just fine.

i think a lot of people will feel the same as me where they dont want to jump through hoops to just be ignored anyway. Same happened with JB in his line room, everyday players would comment or suggest things or ask questions etc and get ignored, but then others would get their requests jumped on right away.

Case in point when people lost factions while trasnfering etc happened to multiple factions and scopleys reply was we are looking into it with days passing with nothing happening.

As soon as it happened to one of the top factions they were all over it and it was fixed in a few hours for them