*Poll* How satisfied are you with RTS

  • :grinning:I’m happy with everything in game right now
  • :slightly_smiling_face:I’m okay with how things are progressing
  • :expressionless:I’m dissapointed, scopley hasn’t learned anything

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Anybody that votes they happy with everything needs to sober up then explain that answer so we can all flag them to death


Amen sister

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Lol at least with this poll if you vote unsatisfied, it doesn’t shut it down immediately like Scopelys survey does.


I know right! “thank you for taking time to help us with our survey you will be asked to answer a few questions. 1 how happy are you with rts?” dissatisfied. “thank you for participating.”


The reason this is happening is because it’s a single page of questions but only the first is showing in your screen. Scroll down and answer the rest of the questions before clicking next.

I’m not happy, but looking at this game from when I started, things have been improving, change doesn’t happen over night, they got Shane kicking ass on the forums on weekdays, forum leaders to assist us further, we never had this many 5 stars, ever, 6 stars are a new thing. And new stuff don’t come out perfect without some use, 6 months from now, I’m sure things will get a lot better, raid bosses is something I wanted for a long time, new content in general is great.

I voted OK but am in between OK and Disappointed.
Since I am still playing then it means I am patient. If I was truly disappointed I would not be in this forum or playing this game. There are hundreds of other games to play.

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1% are happy ?

Wake up scopely

You’re killing your game @kalishane

Bump bump…

I’m dedicated. Where’s my bonus rewards?

My Favourite Event is War.

And my Problem with War is…

  1. That I am waiting every Time 20-30 Mins to get an enemy, though enough are searching.

  2. That Im getting the same Enemy again and again. There are many Fracs but we are getting the same again and again.

  3. The Rewards.

  4. That Their Buff with 6* is horrible. To just see Mirabelle and Carl Lead sucks if u dont have them yourself. Im seeing 80% the same Teams because Scopely Buffed them without reason so now they are op.

also too the 5* Toons are pretty much to low to fight against Full 6* Teams after the Buff.

  1. With 5 Stun Weapons, you can´t win with a Tactic, u need to have Luck often.

My biggest disappointment is that after the open letter and “players first” promise the exact opposite has happened.

Decent but infrequent offers has been replaced by constant money grab offers with popups.
Offers such as the war can offer on average is more costly than just buying refills with coins.
We were told that 6* ascendable would not be available in pull wheel, that hold true for less than a month.
Gear maps for farming has ben replaced with money grab offers.
Finally at least 1 5* is guaranteed after $100 worth of pulls, only to make 5* virtually obsolete.

What did we get, a new forum. How exactly would that change the game?!

How can anyone even present this is about “players first” and not a money grab?

I feel bad for calinshane, can not be easy to manage the community with such a company behind the helm.


I know a lot of lower factions loving these rewards :joy:

Buuuuuuuuuump… Yes forum this is a complete sentence.