POLL: How about Shorter Levelups and a weekly Blitz War?

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  • No

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Lol… Will never happen.

Nah, just cancel all wars from now on and replace with an all new event… Cross region level up! Yay! :crazy_face:

Cross region level ups = GAME KILLER

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How about great idea :slight_smile:

Nah, people will spend to win in crlu lol 100% guarantee it

For how long … that will get real old real fast and one thing we have learned lately is … whales don’t like to be on a losing team

Fixed it for u

Lol sure bro for about a month or two then all the whales with hurt feeling will quit and games done

We all know why they won’t give us more blitz wars. Such a joke.

Whales are on a losing team all the time, they lose to scopely each day

So tired of lvl ups it’s not funny it’s ruining the game all we do is have lvl ups what happen to blitz wars

Don’t want this game to take up too much time during working days. Leave it as now so I don’t need to worry about missing something even I just log into the game casually.

I declined to vote , too vague for me . Blitz wars are fun but a lot of people have to work during them when they’re mid week .
And if you don’t like solo lvl ups just skip them ! I only push for it if I don’t have the reward toon , otherwise just getting stuff ready for the next fac version

How about more active skill trainers to upgrade habilities

Depends on the prizes, but my faction are mainly adults who work so we would not be able to play during the week and it would need to be 6v6 with decent rewards (like 6* trainers all the way) to make me hide in the toilets at work to play during the working day.

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