POLL: Gear Depot and it’s impact on food

What’s your opinion on how the new depot and the change that you can sell 3* gear for food anymore will impact the game?

  • I‘m happy to be finally be able to trade gear and I trust Scopely makes sure that this does not result in a lack of food
  • This is aweful for getting food. Just bring back the farmable gear maps, then this depot is obsolete.

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Yeah. Pretty specific choices lol.

There are line between quitting game and stop spending. food production is that base line, I pretty happy to call for quitting wave in case that line is crossed.
P/s: no spending calls are success. Less than 5 players pull premiere in my sever.

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welcome back @Le_Anh_Huy

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I did the same. :joy:

Appreciate it lmao

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Two issues here

  1. I don’t trust Scopely to adequately compensate us for the reduced food opportunity from the gear.

  2. The gear isn’t the shit we need a.k.a 6 star gear

None of the options describe my thoughts…

I am happy we’ll be able to trade gear, but I do NOT trust Scopely to not fuck it up at all…
It looks horrible that the depot is based on RNG and you can buy only one piece of ultra gear atm…

On top of that, people sell gear for food…
Should’ve been the option to trade gear for MATERIAL / WOOD

This is the final nail in the coffin for this game. Gg scopely, you win.

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We have passed the nails, now it is time for throwing dirt on a lid.

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I brought the cheese!

I personnaly feel the current gear map is fine, no need to bring the old back. but the fact you wont be able to sell gear for food anymore is ridiculous…this is the main way of getting food since day 1.

How is having 40 walkie talkies 40 school bags but 1 of everything else fine?



It’s too clear now that the game is Forcing it’s players into spending.

Forced to spend or basically don’t bother.

They restructured everything just to force players into spending.
Constant SR tourneys.

And now they are Basically, lobotomizing level ups.

No one needs this Gear depot for old gear.
We just wanted to be able to Farm “trait” specific gear like Hunter or Rebel gear.
To supplement the fact that 30-40% of my new toons are hunters and rebels.

Instead they create this elaborate shit fest …


I remember playing Ogame, that proposed a new update of this nature.
One that totally fucks over aspects of the game.

this is the end.

I hope now all you spenders can realize what you’ve created.
By giving scope money you’ve encouraged them to fuck us all over even harder.

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The issue Scopely will undoubtedly miss on the food front is that any food we get from SR or world missions etc as food will have to be stored. Given that our 2.7m maximum storage won’t get you shit during a level up, we need to store it as replenishes which means we instantly lose half of anything gained. Basically means that whatever number Scopely feel adequately replaces the ability to sell higher level gear for food, they need to double it.

And probably double it again because their initial number will be wrong.