Poll - cross region war to be the only war?

  • Make cross region war the only war each war weekend
  • Keep the wars the same with same schedule

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yep make it the only weekend wars and keep wars within the region to week day Blitzs only.


Hope I made this poll right. Just want to gauge how the community feels

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Region war will not be good for new regions2

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Cullman and Edgefield were made around the same time. Jeff Davis a month or two before that. Put them against each other until they get stronger

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Nah I enjoy fighting our region as there is still some bad blood.

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I feel you on that one but I think blitz wars would settle that itch just make the rewards a sweet 10k five star tokens and some trainers. Just weekends are super boring and pre destined with the same factions over and over again. This would be great the only thing would absolutely need to change is the matching for cross region wars and rotating regions every war and it would inspire so much to keep people playing this game.

I’d enjoy region wars if there were enough competitive players to sustain competition. Unfortunately fewer willing to put the time in and no one backfillig for retires.

I like it. Twice a month we have CRW. Keep it to a max of 4 regions and for the love of God please mix them up each time. Fighting new blood is needed big time. I fought the same 10 teams all weekend long. So bored. Just doing it so my guys can hit some milestones.

Then we can have Blitz on Thursdays every week. This is where we fight our region. 24 hrs against the same 10 teams isn’t so bad in smaller amounts of time.


Tbh I like the easy wins when its intra-region

Easy wins are boring as F. I like a challenge. What is the point in playing if you already know the outcome? No way a 7-minute blowout match is more fun than one that goes back and forth down to the wire. This is why matchmaking is so broke. It’s always a one-sided matchup. It’s always impossible to get matched to the teams near you.


Every war it seems less factions are fighting…

first ss dade, second ss marion

i mean not only weekend
and not only 3 regions
actually global war everyone can partcipate at the same time

then migration or merging will become possible

I hate crws. Most people in my region hate it. So a lot of people dont participate bc its no fun playing against cheaters from russian or japanese regions

as far as i know japanese player dont cheat
and not every russian players are cheaters