(Poll) Christmas gifts from (Not for) Scopely

We already spend whole year for them time or /and money

Now it’s time for them to appreciate

I think the following are quite reasonable

  • Free daily login rabbits till 2019
  • Free daily login SC comics till 2019 and enough for max 5star Andrea shield
  • Free daily login Sweater enough for 2pulls of Winter Tokens
  • Free fast shield ascendable for everyone with decap
  • Free Blue Carl please to the Museum
  • 3 legacies ascendable before 2018 ends

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I wanted to vote for everything, but I also wanted to be realistic


Not gona happen but ok…

‘free fast shield ascendable for everyone with decap’ lol why not disarm as well?


free shield and disarm and revive fir everyone! 3 star that is

and revive and leader skill

what leader skill? the melee get 40 attk and huge attk ap we all want? #nodamnwaybro

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Funny, there isn’t a single realistic option up there…

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not for scopely, any other company id say…well, maybe

We need a good Christmas event :frowning:

Giving 10 rabbits/day wouldn’t be the end of the world for Scopely, and players will still need to spend.
Spending just as much as it is actually worth (less than what it actually costs)

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huge to att, 40 hp and 40 att to all
might as well 40 def

Where is the option for socks and being fuckin greatful for them because it’s cold as balls right now.

It’s Scopely, so nothing for free

you know what you will get. you will get a basic token and you will be happy with it.

This is scopley you expect shit for free lol i have more chance of getting shakira in a bunny outfit in my xmas stocking lol

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Never gonna happen, mate.

If your balls are cold, I don’t think its socks you want…

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one could argue that a sizable sock could indeed keep it warm, lol

@JB.Scopely, pherhaps take this to the team , a little goodwill would go a long way :slight_smile: