POLL : Bring back the original gear ROADMAP?


I’m currently struggling to get enough equipment to C4 my 5* characters and I think I’m not the only one.
We need to bring back the previous ultra rare gear map where this gear was farmable.
The 24 world energy cost per stage is clearly not a problem.

Please vote so @kalishane can see the results!

  • Keep going with 2.0 gear map
  • Bring back the old version

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Edit: I didn’t ask to completely remove the new gear map, this one should be running twice a week, the old one twice a month.

9.2.0 Update Discussion

Bumpety bump bump bump.


They Will see. And they will do nothing. And the worst part is people saying “nugget event was good” so pretty much we aren’t getting 6* gear map. Ever.


Yeah the old one would be great to have back every now and then.


This is because of these people that this game is dying.


Bring it back?


After the last level up it finally happened. I have more beanies than alpenstocks… a trend which is to be continued. Three weeks from now I’ll be sitting on toons which I cannot upgrade because of the secondary gear.

I wonder if Scopely doesn’t have enough problems with players not pulling, players quitting, regions dying. Now they brought up this new awesome roadmap that limits your ability to ger the secondary gear and therefore to level your toons.
Of course this solves the issue that players complained about a lot that farmable gear was given as milestone rewards.

But why on earth should I pull for the next premier toon if I don’t have the secondary elite gear to level it.



I think road map 2.0 is good idea,
because we need regular gear map

But this is not an obstacle for old gear map

so I want still run gear map 2.0 but, I want old gear maps for every 2 weeks

because we need farm gears but with 2.0 map, its impossible


Farmed it since launch. Clears it every time + uses up all available drop leads and the odd extra can or two.

ONE bag drop experienced. Got 1 extra gas mask.

Speaking of which, bought a few of the holiday deals (big mistake) - gas mask every time.


I just want the old map back, at least there I can farm the stages for the items I need :grin::grin::grin:


6 months. 5* were out for 6 months before t4 gear was available at all, and 8 months before it was farmable. Gotta be patient.


So let’s do the math. New gear map is 15 stages at 16 nrg per, or 240 total. To make the math easier, assume you’re at level ~123 with 80 nrg. That means 3 refills of your nrg to run the roadmap. You start at 6am, You run the 1st 5 stages to consume your nrg. To make things simpler, nrg reload it 1 point every 5 minutes (it’s actually worse unless you have the appropriate territory), so 12 per hour or 6 hours and 40 minutes until full nrg. At 12:40, you run the next 5 stages, and again wait for nrg reload. At 7:20pm you run the last 5 stages. Let’s assume you don’t wait for reload, but use nrg as available. To get the necessary nrg for tomorrow, you need to stop at 11:20pm. That means you can get 8 runs of 13.3 or 16 runs of 7.1.

If any extra roadmaps are up, or you want to repeat any stage, adjust the numbers appropriately, and start to pop open world cans.

Good luck farming enough survivors, shirts & gloves (for the endless level ups) and weapons if you are dedicated to running the map.


I generally Like the new gear map, even If Something like that is kinda annoying:


I like it for the daily school bags and walkies etc. But make the darn thing farmable like it used to be.


I would have no issue with the new gear map if it was actually the gear map we were promised. Each stage unlocked without the need to waste energy and farmable as the old one.

If this new map is the only “new” gear map we can expect to see any time soon then the old one MUST still be in the rotation.

It seems to me that this new map and the giving of gear as rewards is to recondition our expectations in regards to milestones and prizes


So what is you like about the new gear map, when it is designed in a way to make exactly this happen?


I have run out of gear. The new map is a joke. The end is near for me unless changes happen soon. Make the new map farmable and break it up or go back to the old maps.

Also, I used to be able to farm 6 trainers, how about bringing that back too?


I like it because, it appears daily. I don’t like
the general structure. Only the part to get a
beanie and schoolbag every day :slight_smile:


Soon enough you’ll swim in beanies, flaks, bags and talkies…


Easy fix is to unlock the three acts, don’t make me waste 48 energy getting hiking boots and leather gloves